the possible benefits of cold weather

The Bufflehead Family. I’m not making that up. That’s what this cute little duck is called: a Bufflehead. And here I caught a shot of the darling little group peacefully floating along in the river. I wonder if it was too cold to give me the usual butt shot?ducks-0503That’s dad in back, with mom and their five chicks.birds-0490Then I encountered this rather brash Killdeer strolling around in the parking lot. Perhaps there is something to be said about birds being a bit more cooperative in cold weather.

birds-0545Can you believe it? Even old Baldy was out on a limb enjoying the sun.

Wherever there are birds, there is hope. 
― Mehmet Murat ildan


33 thoughts on “the possible benefits of cold weather

  1. The high desert is most cold in the morning, and I see no damn benefit to it at all…I’m just cold. Diego on the other hand finds it all so fun. Whose the dummy? I vote for the dog…but on the other hand….


    • Thanks to the camera, I’m actually beginning to differentiate some of the various (many) different ducks. Who knew there were so many? As for the eagle… seeing your shots makes me almost embarrassed to post my poor attempts. I’ve seen this one fly off several times, but it’s always away from me, obstructed by the branches. But I’ll keep trying since I know where the nest is.


    • I googled the bufflehead and apparently someone imagined a resemblance to a buffalo head. Not easily seen in this shot, but it also said they can fluff up the feathers on the head, so it’s possible…? I can imagine a couple of cuter things. 😉


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