That’ll teach me to try out anything new when my brain is still stuck in neutral. I hate this look and can’t find my way back after hitting the wrong button when I only meant to PREVIEW…….    arrrgh

Pardon me if I disappear for a bit (again) until I work my way through this muddle.


Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link on one memorable day. 
― Charles DickensGreat Expectations

PS…  I seem to have stumbled back to where I was, but plan to pause to get my head clear before I try anything again…


31 thoughts on “Ooooops

  1. But now we get to see the version you do like too? Could be interesting. As you probably know, I do like my photographs to look natural, mostly. But sometimes it’s fun to spice things up a little. I usually end up binning the over-edits; after letting them sit for a day I usually think ‘yuck’ when I see them again. Looking forward to seeing the ‘before’ shot now.


    • Hmmm… quite a muddle here, too! What I was actually muttering about was a new THEME I thought I’d try out, but hit “activate” instead of preview. Then I eventually figured out how to get back to the old one. I may play with that a bit more later when (IF?) my head clears up.

      But I get that you were ‘hinting’ that the image was overly processed and I agree, but I stumbled across this OLD negative that just seemed too fitting to overlook (with some sentimental value besides). It got kind of wonky looking in the attempt to straighten out what time had wrought, but then that seemed quite fitting with the way I’m feeling. So there! and I’m sticking to it. Not my usual style, but I like it in some weird sort of way. 😉


    • I was playing with a new THEME and hit the Activate button when I only meant to Preview, but with a little bit of effort found my way back to the original. It just told me I shouldn’t be monkeying with this stuff until my head clears. I’m just hoping that’s soon…


      • I misunderstood but that is exactly what I did! The first “trial” theme which I accidently saved was horrible so I kept fiddling and muttering (and swearing) until I came up with a new theme which I quite like!


  2. Not fun way to feel – a clear head is priceless! And I guess you could have hit delete, but I think the photo is a compelling departure – it shows a different side of you, and it’s really colorful for this time of year. So cheer up – we folks are pretty tolerant!


  3. You’re wandering around in the wilds without a compass….yet the “likes” and “comments” continue to flow. Impressive. Must be nice to have such rock star status and dedicated followers! 🙂


    • Well, that certainly produced a chuckle! “Rock star status” indeed! Thanks, I needed that! It’s been a couple of very unpleasant weeks lately. Still can’t quite seem to shake this cold. The low temperatures haven’t been terribly thrilling either.


  4. Hmm…I like it anyway…and yes, I’ve done the “publish” thing when I wanted to do the “preview” thing, also…but I didn’t have a substantial excuse/reason for doing it. Wishing you well, dear Gunta. 🙂


    • Your sympathy is truly appreciated! I feel the brain unravelling, but hoping to knit things back again if only the weather would warm up a tad. It’s been really frigid around here.


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