threatening skies

The weatherman is threatening ever lower temperatures with a possibility of snow tomorrow. That is a rare event at the beach indeed! Bsndon-0399Raindrops blossom brilliantly in the rainbow, and change to flowers in the sod, but snow comes in full flower direct from the dark, frozen sky. 
― John MuirThe Mountains of California


41 thoughts on “threatening skies

    • We’re still pretty much the “boonies” here, with quite a bit of elbow room. There are quite a few beaches that I don’t visit as often because they feel a wee bit too isolated to venture out on my own. In addition many are harder to get to and don’t have near as many fantastic looking sea stacks.


    • Very dramatic indeed. And much too cold to stay long. It’s the opposite of the nursery rhyme here. When we have our normal rain this time of year, it’s generally warmer. This crazy sunshine brings the cold. Rain, rain don’t go away, come back like you ought to…..


    • I’m certainly working at staying warm, but I’ll take our rare cold snap over the heat and humidity you escape from once summer arrives down there. Any day! Mostly, I just wish I could be done with the other kind of cold that just keeps hanging on. The cough lingers still.


  1. Terrific image!
    Our little corner of the northeast is the only place in the entire U.S. currently experiencing higher then normal temps. Shorts and T Shirt weather the past couple days. 🙂


    • It’s really hard to stay in when the sky or weather is putting on these incredible shows, but I also don’t want a relapse the past week (and then some)!! So I will certainly try to be good! 🙂


    • I just looked at the forecast and it looks like snow has been taken off the menu. Pity that – though I probably shouldn’t head out in it until I’m fully recovered anyway.


    • Actually it’s a bit amusing, the reaction to a prediction of possible snow around here. They’ve already shut down schools in the two larger towns on the coast for tomorrow at the slightest chance a snowflake might hit the ground. Most folks don’t know how to drive on the stuff and I chuckle at the four-wheel drives in the ditches when we get ice because they think that all-wheel gives them magical powers for stopping.


    • [chuckle]… no bueno… you got that right! So far we haven’t had any here, but they’ve already closed schools in Coos Bay and North Bend for tomorrow. NOT that we’re likely to get much, but most don’t know how to handle it at all here.


    • Thanks. No the sky put on a rather mind-blowing show. I just moved around a bit and kept shooting as the clouds and light changed. You’re likely to see more eventually. But, yes… it WAS quite cold, but I had bundled up in preparation for it.


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