back to the mountains

The weather and the skies have been grey/gray here. Can’t complain when I see the storms back East, but I haven’t had much success with capturing anything noteworthy. So it’s back to the archives from the trip to Utah’s Wasatch Front this past May. Next to my waves, I can’t seem to get enough of those gorgeous mountains. Here’s a shot of the alpenglow reflection of sunset on the mountains south of Salt Lake City.Wasatch-5084Long, blue, spiky-edged shadows crept out across the snow-fields, while a rosy glow, at first scarce discernible, gradually deepened and suffused every mountain-top, flushing the glaciers and the harsh crags above them. This was the alpenglow, to me the most impressive of all the terrestrial manifestations of God. At the touch of this divine light, the mountains seemed to kindle to a rapt, religious consciousness, and stood hushed like devout worshippers waiting to be blessed. 
― John MuirThe Wild Muir: Twenty-Two of John Muir’s Greatest Adventures

32 thoughts on “back to the mountains

  1. The colors are striking Gunta! What could be better than having the rugged coast at your doorstep and these spectacular mountains close by? Life is good, isn’t it? 🙂


    • Thanks, LuAnn. This shot was from my visit to Northern Utah back in May, so perhaps not quite so close, but not too far either. We do have our own slightly less spectacular mountains to compensate though.


    • Have to admit it’s one of my favorites. Ocean waves and mountains… who could ask for anything more? (Oh, I’m forgetting big birds that give me nothing but butt shots! 😉 )


    • This was part of that same series taken at sunset somewhere east of Payson or Santaquin. We were up in that new subdivision with a stunning view out over Utah Lake. This was one of the shots where I turned around and shot back at the mountain behind us.


  2. I hear ya, thank goodness for archives! This is such a beautiful image and wonderful quote. I feel so bad for those people in the Midwest and Ohio Valley…I was nervously watching the weather channel yesterday as my son lives in Ohio. Thank goodness it wasn’t too bad in his neck of the woods.


    • Thanks, Susan. Momma Nature sure seems to be picking on parts of the globe, but of course there’s no such thing as global warming (or climate change)! 😉 Very, very glad to hear your son is OK.


    • Thanks, Jerry. Another one of my truly lucky bits of being at the right place at the right time. Though I suspect you can’t go too far wrong between the ocean and the mountains. 🙂


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