another butt shot

The consolation is that it’s a nice look at the red tail for which it’s named…..
I thought of cropping out the power lines and insulators, but amazingly decided I liked it just fine the way it was. Luckily it waited for me to get this one shot, but took off immediately after. Lost focus for the flight shot. I suspect I can use a bit more practice.Hawk-0224Be creative. Remember that we only learnt how to fly when we stopped imitating birds. 
― Paulo Coelho


37 thoughts on “another butt shot

  1. I like the wires and insulators, too, Gunta…they do provide a nice context and reference for size…and yes, I’ll say it, too…it is a very nice butt shot. 😉 Seems these guys have quite a range…I’ve photographed them down in the desert north of Tucson, Emilio has shared them from his haunts in Colorado, I’ve seen some of them out here in the more plain-ey areas of Utah, and you’ve got them way up there in Oregon….I think that’s pretty neat…


    • My bird book tells me their year round range covers most of the USA from coast to coast, with some venturing north into Canada to breed. They also stretch down into Mexico year round, so no surprise that you saw them in the desert.


    • Thanks for explaining what my instinct was telling me. Normally, I would have hated to have the pole and other stuff in the shot, but your observation certainly makes sense. Thanks again! Hawks doing what they’re meant to do. I almost hated to disturb this one, but couldn’t resist.


    • I only wish I could have gotten close enough to worry about the raised tail! But, thanks… your comment did make me feel a bit better about the butt shot business (at least I got that lethal looking beak, too!)


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