Pacific sunset

As the setting sun paints the sea gold. Can’t help but think of the folks in the Philippines and wish them well. sunset-0149

The sea answers all questions, and always in the same way; for when you read in the papers the interminable discussions and the bickering and the prognostications and the turmoil, the disagreements and the fateful decisions and agreements and the plans and the programs and the threats and the counter threats, then you close your eyes and the sea dispatches one more big roller in the unbroken line since the beginning of the world and it combs and breaks and returns foaming and saying: “So soon?
“On A Florida Key”
― E.B. White


35 thoughts on “Pacific sunset

  1. My thought are with those victims of the devastating typhoon in the Philippines, and also those waiting in fear for it to unleash itself on Vietnam. Your photo in stark contrast, is so peaceful and beautiful.


  2. As horrible as Sandy was to the Jersey shore, we at least have more resources here. I can imagine the Philippines will be devastated!


  3. Interminable beauty…like the waves themselves…as ever. Wonderful capture, dear Gunta…and yes, thoughts to those on the other side of the world with havoc wrought by the same waters…..


    • Thank you, Scott. There’s beauty in them waves… whether they’re sea or mountain. Something primal about them I believe. Hard to imagine that same ocean causing all that destruction.


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