abstract in the sand

surf, sun and sand quite often sculpt interesting shapesBandon-9695There is a work of art each of us was destined to create. That is the central point of our life, and -no matter how we try to deceive ourselves -we know how important it is to our happiness. Usually, that work of art is covered by years of fears, guilt and indecision. But, if we decide to remove those things that do not belong, if we have no doubt as to our capability, we are capable of going forward with the mission that is our destiny. That is the only way to live with honor.
โ€•ย Paulo Coelho,ย Maktub


39 thoughts on “abstract in the sand

    • [giggle] I thought you might pick up on that eventually, but I explained why I chose not to in the other instance. But I love suggestions! I even considered how I might have shot that other getting closer to the ground. Problem is, at my age, it’s getting much harder to get back up again! ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. this looks pretty much like any arroyo here after the water has finally evaporated or sunk into the hard pan. Quite lovely, but damn hard to walk on. I assume the sand is more forgiving.


    • Thanks. Sissy would have been given full and proper credit if she had helped to create that. Though you’re giving me ideas now! Then again getting all that wet sand on the leash is such a nuisance. Mostly she gets to run leash-free. It’s what she likes best.


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