another good day

Phil Lanoue (of some downright incredible bird and alligator shots)Β keeps telling me that any day I see an eagle is a good day…..eagle-9853Well, there (s)he was perched by the nest again. All alone this time.eagle-9850Just a wee bit closer look…eagle-9856until the infamous butt shot….. 😦

On the average, a person who cares for other people, for his country, or for mankind, is a happier man than one who does not; but of what use is it to preach this doctrine to a man who cares for nothing but his own ease, or his own pocket? He cannot care for other people if he would. It is like preaching to the worm who crawls on the ground, how much better it would be for him if he were an eagle.Β 
― John Stuart Mill,Β On Liberty and Other Essays


36 thoughts on “another good day

    • The valley where we lived in Utah seemed to have quite a few of both during the winter. It was marvelous to see them. Wish I’d had the fancy lens back then. πŸ˜‰


  1. Love it: “the famous butt shot.” It has a cousin, what I call “the famous lens cap shot.”

    Two bald eagles have been at my favorite lake this summer – a first – and I have seen them twice, but no photos. The first time, I was so surprised to see it fly overhead I grabbed my binocs instead of the camera. The second? I grabbed the camera in time but didn’t realize the lens cap was on. By the time I got it off, the eagle was off to elsewhere. Oh well, maybe next year.


  2. I’ve had some good days in my orbits around the sun, but never one of this kind…maybe some day. Very nice, Gunta…what a treasure to be able to photograph those beautiful birds…even if you’re getting the butt-end of them sometimes. πŸ˜‰


      • I don’t have any idea where I read it (the dangers of meandering aimlessly through the internet include not just finding icky things, but also finding good things you can never find again!), but I once came across a humor piece by a photographer describing the various butt shots he or she had taken. You can get started on your own collection!


        • I suspect that anyone who shoots birds has their own collection. I suppose one could try making lemonade like the photographer you describe, but it’s a bit too frustrating for me since I get far too many.


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