The birds are back

Caught this Red-shouldered Hawk with the blue sky for background… I wonder if he thought he was hidden behind those two branches.hawk-9624Then he flew to a spot where he was much more camouflaged…. almost can’t find him in that jumble of brush.
The Bald Eagle pair is back at the nest, but I need to catch them on a day with better lighting.hawk-9626Only in silence the word,
Only in dark the light,
Only in dying life:
Bright the hawk’s flight
On the empty sky.
—The Creation of Éa ― Ursula K. Le Guin


27 thoughts on “The birds are back

  1. I too love the raptors Gunta. While in Yellowstone the eagles were fascinating to watch so I look forward to future posts of yours with images of eagles (she says hopefully). 😉


    • The pair was definitely there last evening. I went by again earlier in the day today, but no one home. Perhaps out fishing. I may have to post the shots I did get of the eagle pair though I had been hoping for better results. I’ve also been watching the Osprey nest, but haven’t seen anyone there.


    • The raptors are a bit easier to catch (sometimes). They tend to stay perched once in awhile. It’s the shore birds I have a very hard time catching. Though the eagles weren’t at their nest today. Probably out fishing.


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