the color of autumn

We don’t get much red in autumn colors around here because the vast majority of our trees are evergreen green. One of the very few, if not the only red is our vine maples. Almost more of a shrub than a tree. Here’s a close look….  mapleleaf-2Oh, I forgot the red that comes from our poison oak, but I didn’t get close enough for a photo opp. 😉 Of course there’s the bright yellow of the aspens and some other trees or shrubs, but not much of that either.

mapleleaf-9454Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
― Albert Camus


33 thoughts on “the color of autumn

  1. Stunning colours, Gunta, and so well captured! also got out and about yesterday for the same reason – to catch a bit of the vividness and richness of the fall around, fell uplifting and revitalizing. 🙂


    • This time of year is just marvelous, isn’t it? We don’t get quite as many colors in our part of the country (less of the scarlet reds of the maples), but it’s still thrilling to see the changes and watch the birds migrating.


    • Couldn’t be better! The beach was too dammed hot this weekend. I thought we were already done with summer, but here it is back again! Almost wishing I was back up in the mountains again.


    • Oh, I forgot! My blueberry bush usually turns the most delightful red, but so far it’s just been ONE leaf. We seem to be back to summer again after the one wild storm we had. The beach yesterday was the warmest and calmest I’ve ever seen it. Did NOT like it one bit.


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