guiding light

I love this shot from Bandon’s beach for catching the light shining at the Cape Blanco Lighthouse way off in the distance. It was taken in that pink afterglow when the sun had already dropped below the horizon. The driving distance is about 28 miles (45 km) between the two points, but only 20 miles (32 km) straight across.

Bandon-9242Unfathomable mind: now beacon, now sea.”
― Samuel BeckettMolloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable: A Trilogy


37 thoughts on “guiding light

    • This was before the storm moved in. We’ve finally had a bunch of rain and strong wind gusts this weekend. It’s a bit ahead of the normal schedule, but I’m loving the much needed moisture after an exceptionally warm summer. A good day to get caught up on some inside stuff that’s been put off for far too long.


    • That afterglow is worth waiting around for, though I sometimes worry about making it back up the stairs to the car in the dark. I’ve never stayed quite that long. 😉


    • So very true. I love that magic hour with the more subtle or subdued colors… only the tiniest bit worried about climbing those 130 steps back up to the parking lot in the dark. 😉


  1. That shorter route would be a bit un-nerving without the proper equipment…. Beautiful image, Gunta…the lighting and the little people and the large sea-stacks….and as always, that wonderful water…. So very nice.


    • Certainly wouldn’t want to walk or swim those 20 miles. Far better to stick to the road. Leave it to you to spot the little people… didn’t know if anyone would catch them there, or not. So glad you liked the image.


  2. These messengers…I think the same with cloud formations…like the horizon here that’s like some enchanted land…and plants that move just so in a wind that there’s a Morse code going on, to be read, a signal from thought and things far far away. You capture all the air and importance of the energy in your photographs. Never just open or empty or bare. Nice going, Gunta.


    • Thanks to a bloggy friend who spent some months as a host at both lighthouses for pointing the Blanco light out to me. I don’t know if I ever would have figured it out on my own. 😉


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