I can’t seem to keep from playing with the waves (up close and personal, but trying to keep the sneakers dry)!waves-3022Knowledge would be fatal. It is the uncertainty that charms one. A mist makes things wonderful.
― Oscar WildeThe Picture of Dorian Gray


65 thoughts on “waves

    • Oh! You should have seen ’em today… the wind just about knocked me off my feet and the waves were too wild to try to shoot. (Had me worried about the spray getting on the camera.) It was insane, but I loved it.


    • I just have to hope it doesn’t mess up my camera lens. This weekend was even wilder than the waves pictured here. Hard to keep from getting blown away by 90 mph wind gusts. Didn’t stay very long.


    • This is nothing compared to the wild storm we’re having this weekend with expected wind gusts of 90 mph on the coast. I was out trying to take a few shots, but almost couldn’t get the car door open and when I did I almost got knocked off my feet.


        • I think quite a few of our storms head in your direction, but this one is scheduled to stick around for another day or two. I love the storms, too, but today it was very nearly too much for me, the camera and the pooch. Waves like I’ve never seen them before, but didn’t want to risk the camera with more than the usual amount of salt spray in the air.


    • Thanks Chilli. I just figured out that I had a tracking program suddenly decide to block stuff like stats and the like buttons and replies to comments…. was blaming it on WP until it dawned on me to check other stuff. Trying to catch up now.


      • Oh yeah and we’re in the midst of a truly wild storm with 90 mph wind gusts on the coast. Tried to catch some more wild waves, but the wind about knocked me off my feet. A good day to stay in with a warm bowl of soup. Winter has arrived early and skipped right over autumn here.


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