Heceta Head Lighthouse

One of Oregon’s quaint lighthouses between Newport and Florence.

Dedicated to my friend LuAnn to help guide her back to our coast….. 😉Heceta-2008Lighthouses are more helpful than churches.
― Benjamin Franklin


56 thoughts on “Heceta Head Lighthouse

  1. Like the other Scott said above, “one single word, magnificent”….but I’ll ramble a bit longer…it is truly magnificent, that one point of rock and land jutting out into all of that sea and sky….very nice, Gunta.


    • Nice to know the other Scott wasn’t cussing at me! 😀 That certainly is a rather scenic spot with that tiny little lighthouse jutting out into the sea. I can’t imagine what it might have taken to keep that lit back in the day during some of our wild storms. But the view must have made up for the hard times.


  2. I wish I’d experienced conditions like this on even one of my three visits to Heceta Head back in July, 2009. (On only one of my three attempts was I even able to SEE the lighthouse from the overlook on the coast highway.)

    Very nice capture.


    • It’s a lot easier to capture the right conditions when you live here. If I remember right, you came out in the summer and ran into the marine layer. I dug back a bit into archives for this shot. It was actually taken 3/13/13. Seems like some of our best weather for shooting comes in Jan/Feb/Mar… though there’s never any guarantee given our notoriously fickle weather. Some luck is involved since there could be storms during those months, but generally they don’t last long and then they often provide some marvelous clouds. Catching a storm still out at sea, before it reaches shore is when we get some of the amazing wave action -as in the next post. This past Saturday and tonight was a fine example of that!


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