Mixing it up a bit. This was a random shot from archives I don’t even remember snapping. No idea where it was taken. Just one of them things that caught my eye…. and seems to tell a story.

misc-2A choir of seedlings arching their necks out of rotted tree stumps, sucking life out of death. I am the forest’s conscience, but remember, the forest eats itself and lives forever.

― Barbara Kingsolver,Β The Poisonwood Bible


39 thoughts on “determination

    • My list of books to read grows ever longer. As does the list of bloggers I follow. I sure could use some extra hours in my days. I have read her “Animal Vegetable Miracle” (or actually listened to it in the car), so I’m sure I’ll like this one, too.


  1. Cracking shot and so perfect for the Kingsolver quote. I made my book club read the Poisonwood Bible. Normally they won’t tolerate anything above 200 easy-reading pages, but they all loved it. What a book.


    • “Cracking” love the Brit speak! I’ve only read “Animal Vegetable Miracle” by her, but hope to get into more of hers soon. In general I find I like the thicker books best. So much more to sink your teeth into. Perhaps I’ll do “Poisonwood” first when Kingsolver floats to the top of my list.


  2. Also the source of life for mushrooms. The quote made me think, Do we
    eat ourselves? And I suppose the answer’s yes, ideas and legacies and
    writing and paintings and photographs and thought to nourish who comes
    in our wake. Yes. Us too, differently, but like the forest.


  3. Interesting image and quote, Gunta…the photo rather looks like something I’d find here in our mountain forests….. I love the regeneration that we find there…awe-inspiring.


    • I almost didn’t post this, but it was kind of intriguing. Wish I could remember where I shot it. I never quite know what I’ll unearth in archives and then the images aren’t always clearly identified. I suspect this one hovered on the brink of the discard pile. But it has something in it that saved it from that fate… something I can’t quite identify or quantify. πŸ˜‰


      • I like the idea of life coming out of death that I see often in the forest here, something that you captured very well, especially with the near-ethereal quality that the fog adds. I’m glad it didn’t end up in the dustbin. πŸ˜‰


          • Well, yeah…then there’s that, too, isn’t there? So…what if it had been a beaver that cut it down? That’s natural, right? So, man is just a different animal, right? And he cut it down to make his house instead of the beaver cutting it down to make his lodge…. What’s natural or un-natural about a man cutting down the tree…for himself or for a company that’s going to sell it to make houses, etc…. I guess the natural part is that life is growing out of something that was living and is now dead…. πŸ˜‰


            • The unnatural bit (at least to my mind) is the way that square miles of forests are mowed down in a matter of days leaving barren stretches of land behind. The other unnatural part of it is that we’re not the least bit mindful of how we use these precious resources, but squander them like there was no tomorrow.


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