more Cape Blanco

Not ready for the walk through the woods yet because there’s more to the beach at Blanco…..

Blanco-8971but perhaps you get to see how the trees march on down to the ocean.Blanco-8939Looking south with Humbug mountain in the distance. Blanco-8979Here you get to see more reasons for the lighthouse location…  lots of reefs and rocks scattered like some giant tossed them every which way.Blanco-8980as if the cape itself wasn’t enough reason to warn the sailors or ships.

Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.
― Voltaire


39 thoughts on “more Cape Blanco

    • That Voltaire quote brought a rather interesting image to my mind……
      Then again my brain seems to be stuck in neutral tonight where I’m mixing up the replies to your comments. The one from the forest should have gone here, but, oh well!!… (wishing for a smiley scratching its head in bewilderment)


    • No, no… stay with the technical skills and great equipment where you far outdo me, but think about using a touch of post-editing. It’ll add what you once could have done in a darkroom with dodging and burning and then some.


    • Thanks, AC… I love that you call it a bone yard, because that’s exactly what it is (in wood)! We have lots and lots of those around here with trees falling into rivers and oceans.


  1. Super images. Nice clear light – not too bright, not too foggy. It’s difficult to decide, eh – to linger and enjoy the beach or hike the trails into the mountains. Perhaps your coastline has both!


    • Thanks, ‘oops’ (!?) 🙂 Yes, there are places on my coast that have both beaches and mountain trails. Humbug mountain in the images above is a fine example. Our coast range may not be as rugged as the Rockies, but then the Cascades a bit farther inland can be pretty impressive, far higher than I wish to climb these days.


  2. So glorious. My God, Gunta. You know, the places we both live are beyond fantastic. I thought of Big Sur
    how people sometimes waited years to be there for a week. And that the
    power of these lands and sea stays inside a soul a lifetime.


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