Cape Blanco

A different beach this time… about 30 miles southwest of Bandon, the one I usually visit. For anyone interested in a bit of a geography lesson, Cape Blanco is the westernmost point in Oregon. It’s a close third to Cape Alava and Cape Flattery, both in Washington state, the farthest western points in the lower 48 states. Recently I posted a shot where you could see Cape Blanco jutting way out into the ocean as seen from the beach at Bandon.  (you can see this cape way out on the horizon near the right edge of my image.)

Blanco-8935The above image is looking at Cape Blanco from a beach just south of the cape (looking north in the direction of Bandon.) There’s a beautiful lighthouse here still in operation with its fancy Fresnel lens. The night the Bandon shot was taken was clear enough to actually see the light flashing from this lighthouse roughly 25 miles away as the crow flies. Sadly I didn’t get its picture from down on the beach today because it was shrouded in fog. Perhaps I’ll have better luck another day.Blanco-8938For a great shot of the Lighthouse, you could go to my friend Nina’s blog where she also describes working as a volunteer Lighthouse host for the month of September. One thing she points out is that the weather constantly changes from one minute to the next stuck out there on the Cape.

Definitely not a wasted day though because the walk on this different (to me) beach was great fun and when it got a bit windy. We meandered on the trails amongst the trees. Perhaps I’ll show some of what we encountered in another post.

And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, 
They danced by the light of the moon. 
― Edward LearThe Owl And The Pussycat


33 thoughts on “Cape Blanco

    • Are you perhaps implying that I’m hoarding them? You must know that I thank my lucky stars for ending up in this wonderland of beaches every single day, even when I don’t make it down to the sand and surf.


  1. I love Cape Blanco, last time we went as a family the winds were blowing at 100 mph. It was exhilarating and beautiful to see the light house.


    • Very cool at the moment the shot was taken, but the weather on the Cape changes from one moment to the next… dressing in layers is a must. The sun had come out and it was back to warm by the time I left. Very much also depends on exactly where you are… in or out of the wind. If you look at a map and find Cape Blanco on the southern coast of Oregon, you’ll see how it sticks straight out into the ocean. No protection from the wind at all unless you’re in the trees.


    • Cape Blanco has a distinct air of peace and solitude – even more so than Bandon. I think it would be wild to see it during a winter storm. Happy to give you all the blasts you can tolerate! 😉


  2. Very nice…fog and driftwood…and yes, I’d enjoy seeing the walk through the trees, as well…there’s still something incongruous to me (in my limited coastal experience) about trees in proximity to the ocean…..and given the hour that this was posted and last commented upon by our wonderful author, seems that she needs to get some sleep. 😉


    • Yes, much less windy in the trees. A bit harder to shoot with the dappled light, but the dogs had fun sniffing and chasing each other around. Sissy is finally learning to enjoy being “herded”.


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