Mystery solved (maybe?)

The like buttons are back…..wave-0887Perseverance won out in the end. Apparently I can’t just shut down the “Publicize” stuff without losing the like buttons. So….  I have to endure the Facebook button (which I find really annoying) even though I’m in the two week waiting period to shut the damned thing down. I bet the button will remain when Facebook finally condescends to allow me to opt out. Same goes for the Twitter thing except it isn’t as intrusive, just pretty much defunct. Am I the only one who finds FB obnoxious? I’m also not thrilled at Amazon’s way of trying to entice me into buying stuff I don’t need.

The above image is my wave goodbye to phenomenally intrusive FaceBook….  I’m also getting the feeling that this Google+ is trying to imitate the same sort of “social network” thing. Hope those of you who have asked me to join your ‘circle’ of friends aren’t offended. It has nothing to do with my feelings for you individually, it’s just that both you and I know where to find each other without the go-between.

Perhaps relief is on the way….. I see as I’m about to post this that there IS an option below where I can uncheck the “show sharing buttons” under the “Likes and Shares” categories…..  now we shall see if this worked? Fingers crossed?

(and, yes, I can be a bit of a curmudgeon at times…..) 😉

52 thoughts on “Mystery solved (maybe?)

    • I’ve had several invitations to join Google+ but haven’t found any reason to do so. Don’t really need something else to eat up minutes or hours of the day. Haven’t yet figured out a good reason to do so. Then again, I don’t entirely trust that it won’t go the same route FB did.


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