puddles of pink

Bandon-7877I could not resist shooting this reflection of the pink light…. the colors needed no enhancing whatsoever

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.
― Confucius


43 thoughts on “puddles of pink

    • Thanks, Chilli…… but my like buttons seem to have disappeared, then again I’m still getting some notifications of folks apparently pushing the ‘like’ button. Not sure what WP is up to again!!!


    • Thanks, Susan. This was one of those nights when the reflections on the sand far outdid what was happening in the sky or horizon. Once again Mother Nature outdoing herself.


    • Sorry about that, but this shot was from a couple of weeks ago and all that color came from the smoke particles from so many wildfires in surrounding areas. It’s been a really bad fire season and it’s not over yet.


    • That sky and sea draw me in like a magnet. Perhaps my beach doesn’t quite measure up to your Pfeiffer, but it also doesn’t have the crowds and traffic to contend with (at least so far).


      • Oh I think it’s a match for Pfeiffer. And truth be told, though I had the added benefit of living there all hours I was stunned at the number of times I had the place to myself. The wind was something to reckon with, a sandblasting wind some days. But I learned the places to get out of it, duck into some silent gentle setback. And my beach experience back east was Coney Island. These are, your beach and mine, so NOT Coney Island.


        • I’ve also come to learn which beaches are the worst for sandblasting. The one I shoot the most with all the huge sea stacks offer more wind breaks than the other flatter, more open stretches. Summertime, it’s also more crowded (nothing like Coney Island of course). Come winter there are times when I pretty much have it all to myself or nearly so. Some of the shots I’ve been posting recently were taken last Feb and March, with barely another soul around.


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