what February looks like

Bandon-0763Far too often this time of year, the sunset drops behind a thick layer of fog and disappears. I’ve been sorting through archives and it really becomes quite obvious that some of the more spectacular sunsets seem to occur after the first of the year. The above image is an example from last February.

You should always be taking pictures, if not with a camera then with your mind. Memories you capture on purpose are always more vivid than the ones you pick up by accident. 
― Isaac MarionWarm Bodies


42 thoughts on “what February looks like

    • The winter months do seem to present less fog and more fluffy clouds, producing spectacular sunsets like this one. There’s something pretty wonderful about an every changing coastline.


    • Cooler thoughts are good. I’ve had quite enough of this extended warm spell. I think this shows how crisp and clear the skies can be during our winters (when it isn’t raining).


    • Actually….. our winters are generally not all that cold. We’ll get the rare spells where it may drop into the 30s, but for the most part days are in the 40s to 50s range. Sometimes even more comfortable than summertime with its biting winds and fog. Pity the summertime tourists. Then again, winter will have more rain squalls than our summers with next to no rain at all.


    • Just returned from another foggy walk at the beach and it never ceases to amaze me how different the same spot can look from one day or season to the next. I never get tired of it (well…… almost never!) 😉


  1. Pretty darn fabulous, Gunta. What a scene. I try to remind myself in the face of such images that it is the one split second there before it all changes, usually diminished. When I lived at Holman Ranch in the hilltop barn I faced east and would purposefully wake and get out the door to see the sunrise, and try to do the same with sunsets often running to neighbors with a come hither quick command so those few seconds would be recorded on our hearts. I know you wait breathless for the most glory it’s likely to produce, and manage to capture these incredible things on your ocean waters and sky. And that it is so fleeting, which makes your posting even more memorable and better. I hope you’re doing at least a calendar if not a book of these remarkable pictures.


    • In this day of digital, it’s easy enough to click away like mad and then decide on that moment of glory. I did do a calendar for friends last year, but somehow the images look better on the bright computer screen. Having someone else decide on exposure and saturation isn’t always the best choice.


    • Oddly enough some of the most dramatic sunsets seem to occur in winter around here. It’s mostly a matter of timing, catching the dramatic ones between the storms, or preceding them.


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