cliffs at sunset

elephant rock-7839Even as a solid rock is unshaken by the wind, so are the wise unshaken by praise or blame.
― Gautama Buddha



34 thoughts on “cliffs at sunset

  1. This is stunning. I could LIVE with this! And of course you’re too wise to be shaken by this praise, yes? (I’m so with you on your comments about Lightroom and not mastering the controls, above. And restraint, though I have succumbed lately to some pretty bold images. But it depends on the situation, and I too find much out there is overdone – which is no better than underdone).


    • When it comes down to basics, it seems to be a matter of taste… how far you want to go with the processing. The ones I don’t get are the folks who think it sinful to use tools that are available as if limiting yourself to the choices the camera makes is the end-all, be-all. Then again I haven’t noticed any complaints from a couple of them who feel that way. I found the remark about usually being “able to tell” was interesting. I took that to mean that I hadn’t taken the processing to an extreme, but I know for certain I improved on what the camera produced.


  2. This is an excellent photo! I’d like to know how you pulled it off, getting the detail in the dark rocks couldn’t be easy with the lighting at the time. I thought that it had been a long exposure, but the waves are sharp.


    • Been using Adobe’s Lightroom to cover my lack of manual skills with the camera. Besides, I’ve rarely liked long exposures on waves or waterfalls. That silky look turns a lively sea into a placid lake.


        • It’s very easy to get carried away with photo-processing software these days. I find it unpleasant when that’s done. It also becomes very obvious when someone loses their sense of restraint. I really work at merely reproducing or enhancing what I saw when I snapped the shot. Because I haven’t mastered the manual settings and don’t seem to have the patience to do so, my images weren’t living up to my expectations. Thanks to editing software, I can now make up for the decisions my camera makes that I don’t agree with -usually.


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