witnessed by friends and gulls

wedding-7483a wedding by the sea… (off in the distance – toward the right)wedding-7518These nuptials on the beach seem to be on the increase. Not sure it’s a venue I’d choose. This group lucked out with reasonably good weather and little wind.wedding-7520Looks like I missed out on the actual ceremony…wedding-7476Another one. Either this was a very private ceremony or the guests had already departed. (The girl in red on her knees is shooting the bouquet placed on the sand.) Love the rolled up pant legs of (presumably) the groom. 😉

Family not only need to consist of merely those whom we share blood, but also for those whom we’d give blood. 
― Charles Dickens


21 thoughts on “witnessed by friends and gulls

    • I’ve seen quite a few weddings on the beach. I can’t help but feel bad when the weather is uncooperative with some of our wild winds blowing sand everywhere. Then again perhaps it doesn’t matter. Certainly a nice place to revisit in later years for anniversaries…


  1. I still love those sea-stacks…they’re so foreign to me and my notions of the coast. I can understand wanting to be married out there…and then wanting to run out into the waves afterward. And thank you for the Dickens quote…sings to my “soul.” 😉


    • Another version is the step-daughter who recently got married out in one of our national forests…. after the ceremony the crazy kids jumped off the waterfall… somewhat symbolic I’d say. 😉


      • A deep woodsy kind of national forest wedding? I’m torn as to which I would prefer…the coast or the mountain forest for such an event…hmm…. And yes, jumping off of a waterfall after the wedding ceremony does ring of symbolism, doesn’t it? Hopefully everyone landed safely and have since started their life of happiness together.


    • It’s not the first wedding I’ve stumbled upon and likely won’t be the last. It seems to be a growing fashion to get hitched out in the sand and spray… 😉


  2. SO I’m with you – it’s fun to watch, but one always feels a tad uncomfortable for the people in attendance. I just saw a similar one a few weeks ago on a bluff overlooking a part of Puget Sound near Whidbey Island. But then the rolled pants and bouquet in the sand are so sweet…


    • The people in attendance apparently knew it was a public beach I would think. I can’t imagine tromping on the beach with full length dresses or high heels – I’ve seen plenty of both. The rolled pants couple was younger and it was rather sweet.


    • They were lucky indeed. The first one I ever encountered had some nasty cold and biting wind to contend with. This bunch picked a slightly more protected cove with those huge cliffs to block some of the wind and had better timing. Haven’t discovered any caves that could handle a group.


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