heron love

I seem to have developed a fascination and love of the Great Blue Herons I occasionally see around here. I came across this youTube video of highlights from a webcam of a Blue Heron nest featuring the birds from egg to flight….  (a bit under 8 minutes)


30 thoughts on “heron love

      • I’m not really. I’ve only had it once. The meal was nice but I think mains and desserts should be kept seperate. Aniseed flavours go with desserts for me, similarly I don’t like nutmeg with savoury. If the meal had been anything other than pork, it’d have been a non starter. 🙂


  1. Lovely experience. All that organized purposefulness in the middle of
    nowhere/everywhere. They are magnificent birds. The Cornell Lab
    does some great things. I think it’s the same place I blogged about,
    which had a big study they called Birds of Paradise, and went off
    for months to exotic places filming birds never before seen. Glad
    there are competant colleges and students.


    • So true. I loved watching the young ones growing and then the first attempts at flight. It’s wonderful what folks come up with for our enjoyment and edification!


  2. Such exquisitely elegant birds. You have to admire how they manage to get their long necks, long wings, and long legs all going in the same direction at the same time. And so gracefully.


  3. This is from the Cornell Sapsucker Woods cam, if I’m not mistaken. Cornell is a WONDERFUL resource! I’ve been following their cam for several years, and it’s always an inspiring sight to see.


  4. I have a Great Blue Heron fascination too. A pair chooses to fish in our pond every year and we watch them from a distance on our deck. We also see them on the beaches. To me a heron fishing epitomizes the meaning of patience.


    • I wish I had some a bit closer to me where I’d have a better chance of watching them. I usually see them way out in the flooded fields in winter, or along the banks of the river. They usually fly off if I stop to try to get a shot, or to watch them.


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