fishing boat-3404

Perhaps I should not have been a fisherman, he thought. But that was the thing that I was born for.
― Ernest HemingwayThe Old Man and the Sea


I have never heard a fisherman say that he loves the sea. 
― Georges Perros


A poor fisherman who knows the beauties of the misty mornings is much richer than a wealthy man who sleeps till noon in his palace! 
― Mehmet Murat ildan


Studying texts and stiff meditation can make you lose your Original Mind.
A solitary tune by a fisherman, though, can be an invaluable treasure.
Dusk rain on the river, the moon peeking in and out of the clouds;
Elegant beyond words, he chants his songs night after night. 
― Ikkyu


36 thoughts on “fishing

  1. Oh, I love those, Gunta…there is something so simple, yet so full and rich about the images…maybe it’s the context, I don’t know…but they’re wonderful to me.


  2. Amazing collection, Gunta, with that…filigree beauty in each one of the photos. My favourite still being the first one – there’s something about that one wave, light, colors, patterns that I am particularly drawn to. When I read the first quote, a thought crossed my mind that you should have been an…oceanographer. 🙂


  3. Really glorious, Gunta, every one of them. The next to last with the wafting uneven line of birds and the darkening skies beyond the silver shore, the single gull close up flying in, so beautiful. I’m always so pleased for you when I imagine where you are, right there pulling all that in. All so rich.


    • Thank you, Barbara. It was a lovely scene to enjoy in real life and then to bring it home with me. Double the pleasure. To be savored over and over again. You and I share a very deep appreciation for those endlessly crashing waves. So rich, as you put it.


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