nearing sunset

sunset-I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. 
― Mother Teresa


33 thoughts on “nearing sunset

  1. Wonderful sundown, you always add so much with the mirrored
    shoreline, all that light doubled. And yes that cross current weave
    is fascinating, something I’ve watched on Pfeiffer Beach, too.


    • Thanks for the sweet comment. The reflections are usually what grab my attention. Thus the light doubled effect. I’ve often wondered what causes that weave pattern in the ripples. Fascinating stuff.


  2. Nice shot! It dawned on me, your beach is so much different than a Great Lakes beach. Not only do you have rocks, but the slope of the beach that the waves break on is much less. I wonder if that’s because the waves there average higher than here. Whatever the reason, your beaches are more photogenic than ours.


    • Thanks, Jerry. I’m not sure what causes the difference, but the beaches here vary a whole lot from one location to the next. This particular one is rather flat with a large river nearby emptying out to sea. Then there are the spots where the cliffs are almost vertical dropping down to the water. The waves, too, vary a great deal. Some days the sea appears nearly calm, other times the waves are quite ferocious. I suspect that the varied topography and different moods of the coast are part of its fascination for me.


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