memory lane

Fair warning…..  I’m about to meander down memory lane here. The scanned images aren’t the best quality. I probably should have taken better care of them, but I’ve noticed that slides generally survived far better than negatives such as these.

Hubby and I took a road trip back in 1983 from Utah to Boston, stopping to enjoy many great sights along the way. One of my favorite memories of that trip was a hike somewhere west of Denver. Back then I didn’t note the location and since then I had always wondered exactly where it was. Thanks to good friend Ingrid at Live Laugh RV who connected me to Vikki at Hiking to Healthy who immediately identified it as Hanging Lake from my somewhat vague description. The blogging community is such a wonderful resource.

So… on to a whole lot more pictures from days gone by (some 30 years in the past). HangingLake-027Me, leaning on our ‘hippy camper/van’ near the trailhead in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado. A vintage car parked there as well and I-70 following along the Colorado River in the distance. I gather from various sites I googled that things have changed quite a bit since these early days at Hanging Lake. For one thing they warn that parking during peak times, is difficult to come by.HangingLake-028The trail ascended roughly 1,000 ft in a bit over a mile (305 meters / 1.9 km). I sent hubby on ahead up the trail for some shots that give a bit of an idea of how steep the trail was. Luckily there were plenty of switchbacks to make the climb easier.HangingLake-So cool and green and refreshing through the trees, making the hike extremely pleasant. Luckily, crossing on that log wasn’t part of the trail. It’s just something hubby liked to do. HangingLake-012Waterfalls cooling and chattering at you to completely take your mind off the climb.HangingLake-006The reward at the top…..  crystal clear water where you could see fish and submerged logs at the bottom.HangingLake-015One of the most idyllic little spots I’ve ever seen.HangingLake-011These ancient images don’t begin to do this spot justice. You’ll just have to go there yourself.HangingLake-010I’d certainly attempt to make the climb again if I were in the neighborhood. (and could find a parking space these days! 😉 )HangingLake--2The only other people we met up there was another couple also shooting pictures. We exchanged cameras to get shots of each of us behind one of the falls. I have a feeling that sort of maneuver (going behind the falls) is prohibited these days.

A huge thank you to Ingrid and Vikki for helping locate this marvelous spot… it certainly brought back some great memories. 😀


48 thoughts on “memory lane

  1. Oh Gunta. These are priceless. Going down memory lane can be difficult sometimes but looking at these pictures brought such a smile to my face. I can only imagine how you felt – then & now. Thank you so much for sharing. And indeed, the blogging community is a wondrous place!


    • Thanks, Tahira. You nailed it. This really did bring back some lovely memories indeed. I’m glad you enjoyed the hike with me. It’s only fair since you’ve shared so many of your wonderful adventures.


  2. Well, first of all – I remember those “kids” in your photos. How time flies! And your description makes me think we ought to try the hike, probably sooner rather than later. :o) Great fun in this post, Gus.


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