back in time


San Francisco Bay with Alcatraz Island in the background (c.~1974). One of the most photogenic cities I’ve ever seen.

I haven’t been out with the camera much lately. Spending too much time trying to organize and categorize old images. Which has me pulling up random shots from the past. They haven’t always stood up to the ravages of time too well, but they’ve been fun to revisit. The above shot was probably taken around 1974 when I was living in San Francisco and had my very first SLR camera. Hope you enjoy while I work at rearranging the archives.

Every window in Alcatraz has a view of San Francisco. 
― Susanna KaysenGirl, Interrupted


26 thoughts on “back in time

  1. I keep thinking that San Francisco would be even better if it were located around Santa Monica or so. Too much dreary weather up that way.


  2. I like your idea! I am woefully behind (as in YEARS) of organizing my photos! Maybe I’ll find some hidden gems for my blog … It is too hot to go shoot – unless I find the fog!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur


    • I got some of my best organizing done when I shattered my ankle. Not that I advise doing it that way, but it kept me entertained for the two months I couldn’t walk. 😉


  3. Very nice photograph, Gunta…I’ve never been there, but recognize the iconic structure in an iconic place…powerful clouds over a powerful place, be it good or otherwise…..


    • Thanks, Scott. San Francisco is one of those places that has so many fantastic, easily recognized iconic spots. It was a wonderful place to live for awhile.


  4. Thriving metropolises next to such turbulent nature always amaze me. It’s
    gorgeous, Gunta. What vibrancy you’ve got in there, that yellow popping on a
    sea of many colors, just beautful, a good vicarious ride devoid of chill but
    less of the thrill.


    • Less of the thrill indeed. How nice of those folks to be there with those bright yellow slickers on. Turbulent it might be at times, but what an amazing city it is/was.


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