what makes San Francisco so cool

and generally cools most of the Pacific West Coast, too. (and why visitors in the summer often complain about how cold it is in The City in summer…) 🙂

Click on the screen if it’s all black, then go to full-screen for the full beauty (it’s the four little arrows pointing to the corners between “HD” and “Vimeo”)

Thanks to photographer Simon Christen for this incredibly beautiful time lapse of fog caressing one of my favorite cities… (check out his website for more gorgeousness.)


31 thoughts on “what makes San Francisco so cool

    • Oh, I prefer cooler summers, too. But this year has been warmer than usual… or at least earlier and longer than usual with this heat spell. I wish we’d go back to our nrmally cooler days and I especially want the fog back to cool things off at night. At least we very rarely get the high humidity I remember all too well from my early years in Boston.


    • I’ve watched it several times. Not only is it visually gorgeous, but the reminders of my time in San Francisco are priceless. I remember it taking a bit of getting used to when I first moved there… the cooler summers, but I quickly adjusted and loved it. What a relief from the steamy, hot summers of Boston.


    • It seems to have a bit more magic than most cities for sure. If I had to be stuck in a city, I suppose I might choose this one. Aside from its beauty, it’s my kind of weather, too.


        • I’ve heard so many people say that. I’m just the opposite. Heat completely drains every bit of energy I have. I’m not fond of the opposite extreme either (though easier on me than heat.) Living on the Oregon Coast is what I consider ideal. Not too hot and not too cold. It’s pretty similar to San Francisco’s climate as long as you’re close enough to the coast.


          • It’s just a little too rainy for me on the Oregon coast. It would be perfect for running, but all that rain just gets me down after awhile. After growing up in sunny TX, I lived in Switzerland for seven years and the neverending cloudy days got to me after awhile.


            • Ain’t it wonderful that there’s something for everyone out there? My favorite time of the year out here is the rainy winters. I grew up in Boston and couldn’t take the hot and humid summers, nor the miserably cold winters. Same could be said of Utah (where I lived for 14 years.) I couldn’t be happier than the current climate I have (except for this rather weird heat spell we’ve been having – you’d probably love it!!! 😉 )


              • I would probably LOVE the climate in Utah. I certainly love visiting there, even in the summer. I would have a tough time with “miserably cold” winters, though I would love to have some snow in the winter. We’re lucky to get one or two snow days a year, and it’s rarely more than an inch or two.


                • My last winter in Utah it was stuck on 20 below for weeks with snow drifts over my head…. summers are like stepping into an oven. There is roughly a single day of spring and fall in between. 😀


                  • Yikes. I wouldn’t like that either. We have heat roughly six months of the year, but it’s only oppressive for about four months. The other six months are generally nice, especially the winter, which is our prime running season.


                    • Keep in mind that I might have exaggerated just a wee bit….. and that such things are somewhat subjective, but I don’t think I was too far off the mark. 😉 Of course the brief spring or fall is probably loved all the more for its brevity. I happened to time a visit perfectly a couple of months ago and was rewarded with heavenly clouds and perfect shots of the mountains. (I really need to add tags to the Utah shots – perhaps tonight?) Almost made me ache to be back there,


    • I was totally awestruck. Of course he had a heavenly location in which to do this time lapse. That’s not to take away from all those early morning hours and the skill that’s obvious in this marvelous piece.


    • He has some utterly gorgeous shots in his gallery. I was highly impressed. Then again San Francisco holds a special place in my heart. It’s a magical city.


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