into the mist

Bandon-6150heading down to the beachBandon-6151the mist thickens as I get closer to the waterBandon-6195it’s called the marine layer: an air mass which develops over the surface of a large body of water such as the ocean or large lake in the presence of a temperature inversion. The inversion itself is usually initiated by the cooling effect of the water on the surface layer of an otherwise warm air mass. -from Wikipedia

Bandon-6157the sun struggled valiantly to pierce through

To absent friends, lost loves, old gods, and the season of mists; and may each and every one of us always give the devil his due. 
― Neil GaimanThe Sandman, Vol. 4: Season of Mists


39 thoughts on “into the mist

  1. It’s hard to imagine the north coast being hot ever anywhere, how different our climates are right down the rim. This west of west farthest reach til Hawaii.
    These are so dreamy and beautiful, mysterious too, the air right for smuggling and landings and mischief. I am so impressed that, like my own neighborhood here, it’s possible to be on such magnificent expanses as these and be alone. What an extraordinary experience is provided the voyager.


    • Summertime and even our coast gets that cooling fog most of the time – especially toward evening (blotting out many an attempt at a sunset shot.) Not even the length of a small city block, the fog dissipates and we lose that wonderful cool mist. Normally sometime around August, the fog peters out even on the beach for a few days making it much warmer than I prefer. Having the heat at the end of June is a bit much. I was back at the beach earlier today and had a sighting of some youngish girls sunbathing in their bikinis…. don’t think I’d seen that before. It’s usually hoodies or jackets.

      Then again Thursday evening in the fog (as above), I had the beach much to myself…. any sound except for the crashing waves so eerily smothered and the few other souls wandering out there would come into view like some ghosts wandering in from the depths. My favorite kind of atmosphere.


    • Wishing I could have carried some of that mist home with me (and sent some your way, too!) I am not liking this heat wave one bit. (as she melts into a pool of sweat….) 🙂


    • Thanks, Phil. I’m so happy you enjoyed them. I certainly enjoyed being at the beach to cool off for awhile. Seems we’re having a bit of a heat spell here… except right at the beach.


  2. Really, really lovely Gunta. The wild flowers are lovely, picked out against the muted, mist shrouded cliffs and the beach shots are gorgeous. There’s a real thick mist which by definition I guess makes it fog outside just now. I’m sure if I was at the coast the lonely, forlorn blaring of the fog horn would be heard.. 🙂


    • There’s something about the eerie silence of that mist that had me ignoring nearly all the sounds except for the crashing waves. It’s actually my favorite kind of weather… though it doesn’t produce any sunset shots.


    • It’s turned a bit too warm for my liking, so the cooling mist was very much appreciated. Pity I couldn’t take it home with me. It pretty much sticks to the beach and then dissipates.


      • Well I rather dig what your marine layer does for your photos…. And yes, it’s a pity, that we can’t bottle that stuff and take it home with us….I might be asking you to overnight-mail some of it to me. 🙂


        • I’ve wished I could bottle it these last few nights, I would gladly send it to you if I could. But the weather folks are predicting that today should have been the worst of it. I’m likely going to stay away from the beach until the crowds for the 4th of July clear out…


    • Thanks for the comment… 😉
      Cool is definitely needed at the moment. Pity the cool and the mist doesn’t quite reach my house during this heat wave we’re having.


    • Plenty hot up here, too. It’s getting pretty hard to cool the house down even at night. These are the times I wish I lived right at the edge of the water where it was probably a lot cooler.


    • Walking on the beach when the mist is this thick is an other-worldly sort of experience. Probably the closest thing to walking on clouds. The hush and the cool mist is a very different sort of mood. I tend to prefer it to bright, cloudless sunshine.


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