a gathering of gulls

bandon-4413even a few seals barely visible in the gap between the cliffs

I wondered if that was how forgiveness budded; not with the fanfare of epiphany, but with pain gathering its things, packing up, and slipping away unannounced in the middle of the night. 
― Khaled HosseiniThe Kite Runner


38 thoughts on “a gathering of gulls

    • Well, you probably should be right here on the beach. We could go for a stroll together. 🙂 I drove to Boston in the autumn of 2011. The audio of “Kite Runner” kept me enthralled at least half way across the country.


    • The gulls don’t generally seem bothered by Sissy, not even when she’s off leash. She has pretty much given up on chasing them since she figured out they don’t play fair and fly off. A few years ago (when she was still a pup and we didn’t have recall worked out very well) she really scared me by chasing after some sandpipers and they skimmed along at the edge of the water just out of her reach. She stayed with them until she was nothing more than a dot off in the distance. I thought I was going to lose her, but she returned, out of breath, but looking quite pleased with herself. These days we have recall down to about 99% or better, but there’s still those times when I get a bit more hesitation than I would like.


  1. That is a bit of a gathering, isn’t it? I still enjoy looking at your “same old beach.” I don’t recall seeing this perspective, but maybe I’ve missed it somehow…. And profound words, again, Gunta…from a tragic and beautiful story……


    • You’ve seen this spot a hundred times, just maybe not from this particular angle. Or not so close up. It’s possible to walk through that gap at low tide and not get one’s sneakers wet. The seals don’t usually hang around those rocks at that time. At least not when there are people (or dogs) around.


      • And yes…. profound words indeed. I may not have recognized the truth in them until some years not so far in the distant past. The story was quite amazing. It took me halfway across the country back in 2011 in its audio version.


    • Even this beach with its cliffs and sea stacks can get a bit of ‘same old’ to it after awhile. It was nice to switch to the mountains and try to come back with a fresh eye.


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