another day at the beach

bandon-2a much more serene beach today…. there’s even a fishing boat out there

bandon-2Initially I thought he was toting a camera, but it looks more like a telescope… not sure what to make of him.

bandon-2-2Love the outfit though…. Indiana Jones hat, flapping trench coat and all.

The more identities a man has, the more they express the person they conceal.
― John le CarréTinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy


36 thoughts on “another day at the beach

    • I say good for you! My mum moved to Florida where she enjoyed her roasting on the beach. On the other hand I can’t think of anything much more boring… not even with several frozen daiquiríes. Vive La Différence!


    • My first thought was that he had a camera on that tripod….. so the beach scene or even birds or whales might have been a possibility, but it turned out to be a scope. My bet is on identifying birds… plenty of them up on the cliffs out in the water.


    • Oh he was very determined, walking at a steady clip. We happened to be headed in much the same direction so I got to watch him for awhile. I tend to agree with the consensus here that he was looking for birds or (in Brit-speak) a ‘twitcher’… he seemed to point that scope up at the cliffs where the birds nest and perch. But the outfit was something I simply couldn’t pass up….


    • Judging by where he pointed the scope, I’d bet he was looking for the birds that nest out on the cliffs offshore. He picked an odd time though. Many of them have moved on already after the spring breeding period and then he would have been looking straight into the late afternoon sun.


    • We have a pretty moderate coastal climate year round. It’s rare that it gets up in the 80s in summer and we only have a handful of nights in winter that get close to freezing. Of course those who like to bake out in the sun or swim in salt water aren’t too pleased, but I simply love our climate.


    • I’ve only seen one Puffin nest one time and it was when the volunteers at the Refuge had their spotting scopes set up on the cliffs way out in the water. I couldn’t even get a shot with my 250mm that was worth keeping. They’re definitely gone by now since they only visit to breed here in the spring. Even the baby seals are not easy to distinguish from their moms by now. Life moves on….


    • I see folks using tripods on the beach quite often. Apparently the sand is firm enough…. or possibly it needs to be on the wet sand?
      The outfit definitely made me smile, too.


      • indeed… and I are going to have to meet up one of these days….I’m headed to Lopez Island in a couple of weeks and HOPING to get motivated to use this camera…I got last year and have HARDLY had out of the bag.


        • I wouldn’t think a thing like that could be possible. I couldn’t leave a new piece of technology (camera, computer) in the box for a minute longer than it took to tear open the box. Lopez Island sounds like a fun place. I really do need to do some exploring up in WA… hoping to do it soon.


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