no rescue

bandon-5667with the wind and waves all wild…..bandon-5657I first spotted the Coast Guard helicopter, thinking I’d maybe get to shoot a rescue scenario. By the time I dashed back to the car and got the longer lens, the helicopter, after doing several circles overhead was already pretty much out of reach….  looks like it was just a training exercise for the ever ready and vigilant CG…bandon-5662heading back up the river to home port….

Regulations say we have to go out. They say nothing about coming back.
― Coast Guard saying


32 thoughts on “no rescue

  1. It’s always exciting seeing such a deployment of resources like this…like witnessing the scramble of six and eight emergency vehicles with all of their lights and sirens screaming into the sky….but it usually comes at someone else’s expense, some tragedy or another…so it’s a relief to understand that it might have been a bit of training instead….. I like the profile shot of the boat/cutter….very nice capture of the action…..


    • So true about the exciting bit often being someone’s tragedy… but seeing the boys (& girls) in action when no one was in jeopardy was especially nice. Best yet was getting the profile shot as they headed up the jetty. What I didn’t post was the shot of them stopping to talk to a small boat loaded up with about eight guys (probably out drinking) without a life jacket in sight. These sorts of situations can sometimes put the rescuers in jeopardy for no good reason. That’s something that gets my dander up… 😦


  2. I love a wild sea! How fortunate you get a view like this…and you’ve captured it all so beautifully. Those are such brave souls out there, good thing they have you on shore looking out for them!


    • Wild is my favorite sort of sea, too. I’m not sure what good my “looking out for them” would do… other than documenting whatever they do… I don’t think Sissy is big enough to rescue anyone. Besides she’s not too fond of getting wet.


    • …and I’m loving every moment of it. What is it about men in uniform that makes them all look so handsome? Still, none of Phil’s alligators, nor Meryl Streep… though come to think of it she was filmed on one of our rivers south of here (River Wild – an eminently forgettable flick, but the river scenes were lush.)


  3. Your quote choice made me chuckle. Your photos made me feel almost like I was swaying on the water and like I could hear the splash of the waves. I don’t think you could or should ever consider leaving your heaven on earth.


    • Drama made to order…. though it might have been even better to have caught them rescue some hapless idiot. Just past the last picture I posted, the CG stopped to talk to some guys in a small boat…. eight of them, probably drinking and not a life jacket in sight. I get a bit hot under the collar when thinking of the Coast Guard sometimes having to risk their lives for these sorts of idiots.


  4. Very nice photos!

    The new boats that the Coast Guard has are much better suited to the tasks the sailors have to take on than the old wooden ones, let’s hope that they all come back all the time now!


    • Thanks, Jerry. I can’t agree with you more about hoping they all come back, but theirs is still a very dangerous job in spite of the best equipment we can provide.


    • I didn’t see them out there the previous day when it was even wilder… these shots were taken the day after I was sprayed by surf splashing over the river jetty you see in these shots.


  5. That is a wild sea! Fabulous pictures Gunta. The lifeboat crews are incredibly brave and we should all support them. Surprisingly the Lifeboats in the UK are all provided by a charity, the Royal Lifeboat Institution and are funded entirely on donations and reliant almost exclusively on volunteers. They launched 8,321 times last year and saved the lives of 7,912 people but still get no government funding. 😐


    • Our Coast Guard is a branch of our military services. I think they are a bunch of truly brave admirable folks, but I get a mite upset with some of the idiots out there who put these brave souls in danger by pulling some idiotic stunts. They really should know better!


    • It’s definitely not your baking to a crisp on the beach blanket sort of weather… but I LOVE it this way… I’ll take exhilarating over boring any day.


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