wild wind

bandon-5539The color of the water in places was the most beautiful shade of blue-green… and the shore birds were swarming in huge numbers out in the surf in some places. I don’t see it like this very often. Above, the lighthouse sits next to the Coquille River as it empties out to sea.bandon-5551I tried to shoot some crashing waves down by the jetty, but ended up getting sprayed in the process. I beat a hasty retreat up to the cliffs but the wind gusts up there were strong enough to nearly knock me over. I watched a gull trying to fly into the wind, but being pushed backwards. [Note the guy up on the top of the pointy rock near the bottom right corner for perspective – he has to be at least a bit nuts.]bandon-5559I don’t ever remember seeing the water all frothy white like this….

I have seen the sea when it is stormy and wild; when it is quiet and serene; when it is dark and moody. And in all its moods, I see myself 
― Martin Buxbaum


32 thoughts on “wild wind

  1. I love the wildness of the sea. The first day we arrived in Bandon and walked down to the beach, the wind was so strong I felt I might be blown far out to sea…how exhilarating! 🙂


    • It does seem as though we get more than our share of windy days on the beach. Then again some beaches are worse than others. Even when it’s warm and sunny at home, I always pack a hoody, a jacket and a hat to cover my ears in the car.


  2. This quote is similar to the one you used in the next post about the California Poppy…about finding the divine inside of ourselves….and here we’re finding the ocean and its moods….I like the mix of the thought that we and the ocean are divine….and of a piece together, one….anyway….. 😉

    Your piece of the edge of the world also looks divine this morning, Gunta….beyond beautiful and inspiring….love the sea-stacks…the images complete…..


  3. Not my favourite weather condition, Gunta. You did get some magnificent shots though, so it was well worth braving the wind. Yes, that guy on the rock must be nuts, but he probably felt like a god up there in the howling gale. 😀


    • These extreme winds may not be my favorite either, but I’ll take them over hot with blazing sun any day. They can actually be quite exhilarating. Mostly I worry about the camera getting wet. 😦


    • That’s the truth! Definitely one of the wildest days I’ve seen there yet. I think what fascinated me the most was the gorgeous color of the water.


    • Thanks, Phil. I keep looking for them alligators, but they seem much shyer than your bunch…. though I did catch a sea lion up on the beach one time…


  4. I do love the sea when it’s like this. Sorry you got sprayed. It’s always a worry to me when I get too near the water, especially when it’s stormy. As you know, you can taste the salt on the air! Great pictures Gunta! 🙂


    • It’s not all that uncommon to get sprayed, even up on the cliffs above the beach (with some sea mist), but it seemed particularly annoying given the newness of the lens. Thanks Chilli.


    • I was not the least bit pleased at the unexpected spray of saltwater… not so much for me (I’m used to it), but the new lens….. it did not require baptism. 😦


    • Thanks, Kate. It was most definitely a wild and exhilarating day at the beach…. gale force wind warnings out there for small craft. Hats off to the brave souls down on the beach in those conditions.


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