up close and personal

poppies-5634Still dodging wind gusts…. but did give the macro a bit of a go with this poppy in the sun.

I believe there is something of the divine mystery in everything that exists. We can see it sparkle in a sunflower or a poppy. We sense more of the unfathomable mystery in a butterfly that flutters from a twig–or in a goldfish swimming in a bowl. But we are closest to God in our own soul. Only there can we become one with the greatest mystery of life. In truth, at very rare moments we can experience that we ourselves are that divine mystery. 
― Jostein GaarderSophie’s World

[a book I’m currently reading and enjoying…]


25 thoughts on “up close and personal

  1. Beautiful image, Gunta…used to have something similar along the canals in Arizona. And that was a very interesting, book, too….Sophie’s World. It’s been several years since I read it, but I recall it being a compelling read….


    • The poppies are such fun….. they glow in the sunshine, close up when the sun goes away and they seem to prefer places that don’t have ideal soil condition and seem to require very little care. What more could you ask for?


    • Thank you, Sylvia. I am having way too much fun with expanding my repertoire… and those poppies have always been a favorite of mine, but very hard to catch that reflected sunshine.


  2. What color. Incredible, and up close and personal indeed. The symetry is so
    beautifully caught here too.
    There is a field
    on the way to Salinas, a pasture of some size really where cows graze, and
    once a year in late spring it fills not only with orange and yellow poppies
    as you have so brilliantly shown but among them purple lupin. There are
    always lines of cars stopped, either stunned admirers or more often photographers.
    The pasture slants uphill so the viewer has the impression of a MAX movie
    experience and being surrounded by it all.


    • Oh, I remember those California fields covered in gold and purple so well. I miss them. Here we have the California poppies in someone’s garden (mine, as in this case) and they do quite well (given some gritty ground that’s far from ideal), but they don’t seem to thrive and multiply out in the wild so much. It’s hard to pick a favorite flower, but this would definitely be near the top of any list of mine… it’s like sunshine captured in a petal.


    • There’s just something so marvelous about these California Poppies, the way they glow in the sun. I don’t think it’s possible to catch that glow with a camera, but I keep trying.


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