high, wide and lonesome


Somewhere near Elberta, Utah

I live not in myself, but I become
Portion of that around me: and to me
High mountains are a feeling, but the hum
of human cities torture.
― George Gordon ByronChilde Harold’s Pilgrimage

34 thoughts on “high, wide and lonesome

  1. Yes…they are a feeling, one of those deep core feelings that seem to inform all else within…you know…. Very nice, Gunta…speaks to Home inside of me……


    • These mountains take a close second in my heart after my beloved beach… they really are majestic and thrilling…. pity the weather is so awful. All extremes with little mild weather in between. I was lucky on this trip to catch that mild weather (neither too hot or too cold), with those amazing clouds.


    • The landscapes were breathtaking in places…. along the river and in the mountains. The stretches of desert in between, not quite so much. 😉
      Oddly enough though… no alligators or bizarre gold pinkie nails with safety chains. 😀


    • Looking through these pics almost makes me want to go back, but I know the weather won’t remain as perfect as I had it. The clouds were just insanely gorgeous.


    • What a delightful metaphor for the clouds over mountains… I have no idea what magic it is that brings me these seemingly perfect quotes at the right moment, but I don’t want it to stop. 😉


    • The scenics of the mountains are a marvel… if it weren’t for the weather extremes and the explosive growth of human cities, I would consider living there again. What you don’t see (for the most part) is the effort it took to dodge around power lines and tacky McMansions sprouting everywhere like mushrooms. Such is progress.


  2. Do you get tired of reading how AMAZING I think each of your photos is? I hope not. I love the abundant contrasts in this photo. And the poem fits the photo… and you… perfectly!


    • Do you suppose one can ever get tired of such extravagant praise? Thank you!
      But here you see why I opted for the peanut butter sandwich and a hasty departure as those miraculous clouds called to me….. 😀


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