rocks by request

One of my bloggy friends noted that he liked rocks……rocks-4680Where the rocks seem to come from…  sometimes found falling on the road. The above is from the Columbia River strange looking pile of rocks in the Idaho closer look in Idaho…rocks-4810More similar rocks in Nevada…rocks-4997Some Utah rocks….

Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. 
― Alexandre Dumas


29 thoughts on “rocks by request

  1. Love the old, volcanic rocks! By the way, the first photo was taken from atop Rowena Crest, along a part of the Historic Columbia River Highway along the Oregon side. Great views of the gorge from that point!


    • Thanks Peggy. I recognized the place from your post, but thanks for making sure I caught it. Yes, utterly lovely views. I wish I had been able to get to some of the spots on the old highway, but one I particularly wanted to get to was still closed for construction. That was Larch Mountain where you’re supposed to have a view of five mountains. I may have to do that trip again and allow more time to explore.


  2. I think they are amazing. Have you ever actually seen a rock in motion? I always wonder when I see those signs..

    I like the quote as well. It’s true !


    • I’ve seen some smaller rocks roll down a hillside. Mostly I’m lucky to see just the aftereffects of a rock or mudslide that takes out some of our roads. I wouldn’t want to be unlucky enough to be caught under one.


    • The road in that first one would have been one Norm called “meeting yourself coming and going”. Sadly it seems I’ve missed out on Never Ending Story 😉


  3. wow thanks. I too love rocks. They make my heart soar. Thanks, thanks. I so love my mountains here. I gaze at them a lot.


    • Thanks, Jerry, but you need to keep in mind that these scenes are cherry-picked from travels through four states and covered nearly 3,000 miles. There was plenty of bland in between the shots you’re seeing here. Eastern Oregon alone has many miles of very bland, especially on sunny, hot days.


    • Apparently plenty of folks here liking rocks. Unless you think of mountains as massive rock piles, they’re generally not my thing, but I’m glad so many seemed to like them. The shot of the Gorge makes me wish for my days of motorcycles…. 😉


    • My husband was a great admirer of rocks. Perhaps I ought to include more shots of them every now and again, Personally I haven’t had too many conversations with them, but I may have to learn the language 😀


    • Well, it was the Columbia River Gorge after all… lots of twists and turns dictated by the river’s path and then there were the detours created by the topography… interesting country indeed!


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