back home again

Last day of the trip….ORGreen-4767Back in Oregon I encounter a surprise snow flurry this late in May… some more point and shoots through the windshield.

Snow only in the higher elevations of the Cascade Range as I head West… Β There wasn’t any traffic to worry about once I was out in the mountains, though I did pull off the road for most of these.

But the green sure looked good….


this pretty much tells the story…Β 

  • Total miles 2751.5 (4428.1 km) and only four states… Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and Utah
  • average mpg 48.3 (77.7 kpg)
  • The “EV” reading indicates the % and number of miles I ran on the electric motor only (climbing mountains didn’t help in that respect. I do much better closer to home.)

I’ll sort through all the other photos once I’m settled back in again and show you more later. We may need a visit to the beach if it stops raining…. πŸ˜€


32 thoughts on “back home again

    • Yikes! I’m sure glad I didn’t think like that when I was there! I did see someone had gone clear off the road in a ditch, but they already had help so I didn’t stop. Some folk just don’t know that 4-wheel drive doesn’t bestow magical stopping powers – especially on a sharp curve.


    • The trip was fantastic in every way. That’s Oregon for you…. land of contrasts. There’s more yet to come when I’ve had a chance to catch up with myself…. πŸ˜€


  1. I know we have become tired of all of the snow in our respective places, but the images still strike me as wonderful…and oh, the greenery when you returned to the Spring! I love the shot of the river with everything that it has and holds…so pretty. And yes, you put some miles on the new Ride, didn’t you…even found yourself at Liberty Park in downtown Salt Lake City…how cool is that?! πŸ™‚


    • Luckily for me, the snow only lasted for maybe 50 miles as I climbed over the summit. Then it returned to the greenery along the river that is so typical of Oregon’s wild places. The new Ride performed marvelously, though I was a bit disappointed at the lower mpg, given high speeds on the interstates and the climbs over so many mountain passes (and a bit of passing slower vehicles along the way)… πŸ˜€ The walk around Liberty Park was way cool! (Thank goodness that was both literally and figuratively speaking.)


  2. Pretty as long as you don’t have to drive through it, or get out of the car….lol..snow? Oh lord, at this time of year?


    • It’s been quite a few years (20?) since I’ve had to contend with driving in snow. I grew up in the NE, so it doesn’t phase me. It’s almost funny watching folks who aren’t used to it diving into the ditches with their 4-wheel drives (thinking that 4-wheel gives them magical stopping powers)! But this particular flurry only happened at an altitude around 5,000 ft. As soon as I climbed over the summit, it was back to rain and mist. Not at all unbearable. Almost fun to revisit for a short stretch.


    • The global warming thing is hard to wrap your head around. It refers to an overall rise in average temp around the globe, but it causes all sorts of strange weather patterns locally. I think they should have named it Climate Change in order not to confuse folks so much. Just taking the USA, for example… it’s meant bizarre record-breaking blizzards and extreme heat in the summer on the East Coast. A severe unusual drought across the mid-section of the country and more rain here on the Pacific Coast. It doesn’t just perform like someone turned up the thermostat a few degrees.


  3. You seem to have experienced most weather types and terrains on this trip! Imagine you have thousands of photos to go through and look forward to your selection. A few good sleeps required now no doubt πŸ˜‰


  4. Amazing trip Gunta! That’s a lot of miles. The equivalent of travelling the entire length of the UK 3 times, 4 and a half times as the crow flies. America really is the ‘big country’. Glad you’re home safely! πŸ™‚


    • How’s this for mind-boggling…. Oregon alone has more square miles (98,380) than the UK (94,060)… (and it surely felt like a lot more on the way home.)


    • That short little stretch of snow filled my quote for a few years. I moved to a place where I don’t have to mess with it anymore and like it that way. The point and shoot stays in the car for just such occasions… hopefully with functioning batteries.


  5. I can’t even begin to contemplate snow at the moment, Gunta, but your cold pics reminded me of my trip to Yellowstone in May. That;s quite a trip you had, and we’ve seen some amazing places along with you. Enjoy being home again.


    • I realize our seasons are upside down, but even so the snow was only at the higher elevations (around 5,000 ft) as I crossed the Cascade Mountains. It turned to rain and all green as soon as I dropped down on the other side. Still, it is quite unusual for it to snow this late in May even in the mountains.


  6. Trips & travels keep the creative spirit alive. Congratulations on successfully completing yours, and I hope you immediately start planning your next one πŸ™‚


    • I so agree with you about trips and travels, but generally shut ‘er down when summer comes around… the dog and I don’t do heat very well. But we’ll likely do some shorter jaunts a bit closer to home in the meantime.


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