a bit to add about the salt flats

For those of you who have missed the dubious pleasure of hours of staring at the salt flats at 75 mph/120 kph (plus?)…..Utah-5150Apparently the image in my previous post gave a rather false impression of a serene lakeside for a lovely place to enjoy a solitary stroll. The reality was a bit different than imagined. I pulled off to the side of an interstate highway with monster 18-wheeler trucks and cars zooming past me likely going well over 75 mph (the legal speed limit).

Check this link out for some marvelous images of a Bolivian Salt Flat with a similar thinΒ film of water collected on top of a vast plain of salt deposits. It was a sight I couldn’t resist shooting despite warning signs to pull off the interstate highway only in case of emergency…..

If you’re interested in learning a bit more… Β THIS will take you to some information about Utah’s Salt Flats.

Utah-5147This additional shot might give a hint of the vastness and/or the desolation I was looking at. Note the tires marks that have broken through the salt crust. Not a maneuver I’d be likely to try. πŸ˜€


39 thoughts on “a bit to add about the salt flats

  1. Yes, everything in context, eh? I had never heard of the Bolivian Salt Flats…those are some incredible images…truly astounding…the stuff of dreams, almost…. Thank you for the link. πŸ™‚


    • Being the curious little being that I am, I had to figure out what the reflective layer of water was all about…. seems that I chose the right words to come up with those astounding shots from the Bolivian Salt Flats. Weren’t they simply marvelous? I’m glad you clicked on the link and enjoyed it.


    • True… UHP and I haven’t had entirely pleasant encounters. They’ve been a bit expensive. But the shots would have been worth it. I had thought of stopping going in the other direction when the flats were just a blinding white, but thought I’d get them on the way out. Little did I know they were going to look so entirely different.


    • If you’ve driven I-80 through Utah, you’ve seen that flat stretch that cuts through the state in one straight shot that seems to go on forever. Normally it’s a bit dull, but the thin layer of water provided just the right mirror for the fluffy white clouds and mountains. Pretty much all I did was get the timing just right to be traveling across that desert after a very unusual rain squall.


  2. Well I’m glad you pulled off for the pic. I sure didn’t imagine all that traffic when I saw your first pic yesterday. We’re going to have to do this drive at some point. I just love those kind of crazy landscapes.


    • Crazy landscape indeed! I almost couldn’t help myself. Had absolutely no choice but to pull off. I suspect you have to catch the salt flat after a rain squall has moved through there in order to get that layer of water on there…. though I couldn’t swear to that. I sure don’t remember ever seeing it like that with many a trip through there.


  3. Although the flats do seem to stretch forever at least they have the backdrop of the beautiful mountains and reflect the sky and clouds wonderfully. Can imagine it might be rather too much after a while πŸ˜‰


    • Having that water there (for reflections) is unusual. Apparently all those lovely clouds I’d been capturing had left that water there for me. I had never seen the phenomenon before. It did make that rather long drive quite a bit more bearable (that, and the air conditioning!)


  4. Smashing pictures Gunta and the beauty of photography is we didn’t know what was behind you. Scary stuff though, pulling off the motorway with all that traffic roaring past within a couple of feet. The lengths we go for a picture! πŸ™‚


  5. I did that trip once, in an 18 wheeler, and you’re right, the flats seemed to go on forever! I don’t think that I’ve ever driven a longer stretch of straight highway before, I know I’ve never driven one so flat.


    • I’m pretty careful about pulling off, but there are times when it seems too tempting to resist. I was plenty careful to pull off well inside the fog line… my more dangerous maneuvers are probably the point & shoot through the windshield… I might even post a few of those yet… πŸ˜€
      But I appreciate the concern! πŸ˜‰


    • It’s certainly a sight I just had to share…. though I must say I had passed a couple of similar spots before I worked up the courage to do it. I knew this was about the end of the salt flats, so it was one of those now-or-never sort of things.


    • I have memories of driving along this stretch of interstate in my old ’64 VW Bug, without A/C and not enjoying this sight half as much as this trip. You’re right, there is nothing quite like it to compare to if you haven’t seen it for yourself. I managed to get a speeding ticket going across the salt flats in the ’74 VW…. but that was back during the days of the 55 mph mandate (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Maximum_Speed_Law). That I-80 across that vast stretch of desert just seems to go on forever. Most of it without the charming reflections I managed to catch in that spot.


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