The first place we settled when we moved to Utah was a little town named Eureka! One of 45 towns named the same in the USA.  Back in the late 1800s it was a thriving silver mining town. But in 1980 it was pretty close to a ghost town. Still is to some extent, with a population of 766 (2000 census). Utah-4992I hadn’t intended to post images of the derelict looking Main Street, but…. here’s the back of the old fire hall with the alarm bell on top. The white sign in the bottom right says Eureka City Jail. If they had mowed that clump of grass you could see the bars in the window.

But the main thing that fascinated me was Eureka’s altitude at 6,430 ft (1960 m). That’s a good bit higher than Denver, the so-called mile high city at 5,280 ft. In addition, Eureka is surrounded by even higher peaks that were pretty much accessible to doing some serious climbing in the Jeep. There are dirt roads all over those hills.EurekaI’ll give you this one so you can zoom in if you’d care to look around for the remains of some mine shafts and tailings (not as much left these days as I remembered)… but be sure to notice the elevation of the hills surrounding the town.Utah-5020I meandered some of the dirt roads to find one spot where you could look out to see Utah Lake and the Wasatch Front with its head in the clouds off in the distance… (a really rough guess would put the lake a good 20 miles off.)

A truly fun day exploring places that held a lot of memories for me. Even the clouds weren’t as dark and ominous as they had been the previous days.


22 thoughts on “Eureka

  1. Even though derelict, that old main street has a charm of its own, Gunta. That jail wouldn’t be very secure now. 🙂 The town does look very far from anywhere, but the surroundings are beautiful. I’m sure your visit brought many memories flooding back. Lovely photos.


  2. Wow…would have been nice to have had a guided tour of the area…but alas…will have to settle for your photos this time. Maybe I’ll be able to get out there in the next couple of months.

    Very nice shots, Gunta…I rather enjoy the decrepit Main Street and its old jail…and really like the old alarm bell, too.

    You ended the post wonderfully…beautiful lake and mountains with the sweet clouds above…so pretty. 🙂


  3. I see why you needed to head there yesterday; and I’m wondering what you felt like to be there again after all these years?


  4. You look at this cluster, and all the space around and hope that everybody living there gets on well. I hae friends who live in the desert in Darwin who says neighbors run into each other at the post office and grunt a few times them return to their private nests, which is what they went there for in the first place.
    It’s a lovely look at Americana in its variety and form.
    I think you’re having a splendid time of it, glad to be carried along this way.


    • Yes, really enjoying this travel adventure. Happy to have you along… 😀
      And, yes Eureka was pretty much as you described Darwin except for the prerequisite busybody. 😦


    • Interesting… and I don’t usually do manmade structures. But in this case it seemed to call for a bit more explanation. It being why I had wandered up to this lovely, sleepy little town.


    • It was a great little ex-mining town. Trouble with a lot of the little towns is that there aren’t too many jobs and the commute is a killer, especially during the winter going down that mountainside.


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