steps along the way

HellsCanyon-4724Somewhere near Baker City, Oregon…..  I’ll figure it out later.

33 thoughts on “steps along the way

    • Good to see you back, but now I’m a bit frazzled and not keeping up with replies to comments, much less blogs… should catch up at some point. This country is so beautifully vast and gorgeous in many spots…. then again there are parts I’d just as soon skip. Haven’t figured out how just yet.


    • Cooler ONLY in the higher elevations. I’m afraid the valleys are far hotter than I’m used to. It’s what we call high desert country unless you get up into the mountains. The roads up into those snow capped peaks haven’t even been cleared of snow just yet. 😀


  1. Such wondrous depth on to eternity. You are a lovely traveler. I’m pleased
    to read the imprecise geographical plotting as opposed to meticulous longitude
    and latitude. It doesn’t need a name, it is and you is in it.


  2. We got into that area about 13 summers ago…the snow capped mountains…the high prairie…..the State of Oregon has such diverse ecosystems…each has its beauty!!


    • Thanks, Chilli. It certainly is vast… you don’t realize just how vast it is until you’re driving across never-ending stretches of desert or prairie (or Texas)! 😀 During one of my drives I got to wondering about comparing the size of Great Britain to perhaps Oregon. I may do that when I get home again.


    • I lived in these Rocky Mountains for roughly 14 years. It’s nice to be back to visit them again, but the ocean has a much stronger pull for me. I missed to very much during the years I lived here.


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