TroutdaleImpressive clouds overlooking the Sandy River as it empties into the Columbia at Troutdale, Oregon. I believe those mountains in the distance are probably in Washington.SandyRiver-4611Another look as the Sandy River heads toward the Columbia River.SandyRiver-4614Does it show how impressed I was with those wonderful clouds?



23 thoughts on “travels

  1. I love all these photos Gunta, as I adore images of clouds. The third one would have to be my pick, however, as the cloud formation above and the manner in which the river stretches before you makes me what to see want is around the bend.


    • It just seemed reasonable that they’d be off on the other side of the Columbia. Does that make the Sandy one of the relatively rare rivers that runs north? I’ll have to look that up when I get home.


    • It may not matter, but I enjoy trying to figure things out. I’ve been told by a local (comment above from Loree) that the hills are the other side of the Columbia River, so Washington it is.


  2. Thoroughly magnificent. Are you in a boat? Canoe? Kayak?
    You make me feel the way Huckleberry Finn must have facing off the
    Mississippi. It’s so beautiful, compelling, and surprises me that it has
    all the same impact and draw for me of an open highway. And what skies!
    Thanks for the ride.


    • Always happy to oblige. I took the dog (just corrected the typo that came out saying god 😀 )… for a walk along the river today. Then enjoyed a most wonderful Lebanese dinner in Portland. Life is good.


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