‘tween a rock and a hard place

…and where did you come from little cone? The beach isn’t the best place in the world for you.2013-4051The past is a pebble in my shoe.
― Edgar Allan Poe


25 thoughts on “‘tween a rock and a hard place

      • Yes, they sure do…and I was thinking after I hit the reply button…no…there aren’t any conifers there…not yet anyway. 🙂 Seems that this is how it all happens…so wonderful…….


        • I don’t expect to see any trees growing out there on the beach… high tide will surely keep this little one moving around too much to sink any roots, but perhaps she was taking a holiday at the seaside. Then it’s time to get them pebbles out of your shoes…. 😀


          • Well no, this one isn’t going to sprout on the beach, but some kid is going to pick it up and throw it, maybe into the ocean and maybe the other direction…seeds are going to disperse…picked up by a bird or something…and then a tree will be sprouting from the dunes….. And yes, those are quite some pebbles…precursers to sand…?? Isn’t there a bit of “grandeur in this view of life”? 😉


    • Sadly it wouldn’t talk to me or tell me it’s story. Just one of them things that catch my eye. Thank you, Sylvia… practise and having the camera handy.


  1. Might it have come all the way from Japan? We can pick up some kind of huge seed here that comes all the way from the Indian Ocean (allegedly)


    • It might have, but the little boy theory seems far more plausible since conifers are pretty abundant a few miles inland. Seemed a bit too fresh to have crossed the Pacific. Though it’s certainly possible since we are getting tsunami debris from Japan.


    • It’s pretty likely she’ll be ‘water-boarded’…. but best guess would be some kid carried her there. I couldn’t resist the contrast…. colors and textures and matter.


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