2013-4058peeking over the treetops2013-3waxing gibbous moon over the Coquille River – just one day short of full

It’s not just a sunset; it’s a moonrise too.
― P.C. Cast


39 thoughts on “moonrise

    • Hmmm… I suspect that I might know who this ‘someone’ is. Ordinarily my moon shots don’t come out this good either, but it was a matter of being at the right place at the right time… and finding a spot to pull over where I could snap it.


  1. I had cause to curse that moon over this side of the globe (I was trying to “catch the light” with the aurora but there was way too much moonlight!)

    You certainly caught the light. Do tag it for the challenge!

    Nicely captured composition. Am about to check my card to see if I had any success last night – we got a wee clip from the eclipse and I did my best to get a shot.


    • So sorry about the aurora… there’s a sight I’ve longed to see! But it was a lucky occurrence for me. Seems I’m stumbling into some of Paul’s challenges by accident rather than intent here. The ones that totally spook me are the industrial and street scenes… generally things I avoid (and will likely continue to do so.)


    • Thank you ever so much! Not as much detail in the moon – it looks to be rolling down the hill, but I had to feature the river as it meanders toward home. I suspect it might have done better if it hadn’t followed that dramatic closeup. 😀


  2. Exquisite, Gunta. The first, like a massive pearl being held up by coral. The planet’s
    forms are everywhere repeating and outdoing themselves in endless variation.
    The second felt like a let-down because the contrast was not so dramatic…..
    until I saw the whole thing! That wild river! Houses! I’m so glad you included
    both for that, one so un-earthly, one so user-friendly. Lovely job. Thanks for the


    • Thank you, Barbara. It’s always a pleasure having you along on the journey.

      I had a hard time deciding which shot to place first. That moon shot definitely outshines the other one…. so, as you said it is a bit of a let down with the second one. I’m wondering if it might not have been more dramatic to reverse them. But ultimately, I was so pleased with that first snap that I simply had to give it top billing. Isn’t that just the sweetest little road I travel to get to and from the beach? My only complaint is that it’s very difficult to get a shot that captures its full beauty.
      Thanks for joining me in my adventures.


  3. I had similar thoughts last evening when I returned from my walk…actually went into the house and returned with my camera looking for a nice frame that didn’t include any rooftops…….. Your image is beautiful…and outshines my rooftop moon-rise. 🙂


    • So many of us looking at that wonderful, mystical moon last night… in some magical way it makes us connected I believe. Normally there is no way I can get a shot of the moon without rooftops and power lines, but last night happened to be one of those right place at the right time things…. pure magic.


      • I won’t deny that it makes us connected, somehow…probably in our cells…ancient memories, maybe. At any rate, you did superbly with your images and being in the right place, etc….very nice, my friend.


    • It’s getting way too hot for my liking already, though still cooling down nicely at night. Could not miss that moon coming up over the hills along the river on my way home. Wasn’t that about the best one we’ve seen in a long time?


    • Thank you, Sylvia. Learning all these new tricks certainly seems to be keeping the brain challenged to some degree. The validation from my faithful followers doesn’t hurt either. 😀


    • It’s a touch underexposed… it wasn’t quite as dark yet as it appears in the top shot… the river is probably a closer approximation of the actual light available.


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