Paul’s Excellent Photography Challenge – Topic #2 (fog with a bit of sunshine)

This looked like a fun challenge to try!

Here are the topics suggested. The deadline has been set for the end of April.

The list of topics:

  1. Shoot a low key photograph (click for explanation) Suggested by Paul
  2. Deep fog but with a hint of sunshine! via
  3. Street Photography.via Pb
  4. Industrial via Mike Hardisty
  5. Water via Chillbrook
  6. Catch the Light via Trygve Høgebøl
  7. A photo to ‘make you smile’ via Gunta

Topic number one has me utterly stumped… so I think I’ll skip it for now. I’m also thinking of submitting several images for each category and letting you vote on a favorite.

So here goes….  Topic #2 — fog with a bit of sunshine.

I would love to get a vote on your favorite. Mouse over the images for the number and vote in comments for the one image to use in my final selection (of all 7 topics) which I plan to post when I’ve completed this experiment.

So far, the rules seem to be pretty simple:

1. Each month, there will be new topics to challenge you. Preferably shots taken during that month.

2. Post them to your blog before the end of the month with a link back to Paul’s Photo Challenge Page

3. Sign up to follow Paul for challenge updates and links to submissions. (see above for link)

4. Tag your submissions with “Paul’s Photography Challenge”

5. Finally and most importantly…. HAVE FUN 😀


65 thoughts on “Paul’s Excellent Photography Challenge – Topic #2 (fog with a bit of sunshine)

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