south of Newport

Still not entirely sure of particular locations as I continued on down the coast…IMG_1883Best guess is that this is where the Yachats River empties out to sea. Interesting to see the fog rolling in, while the next shot, taken 5 minutes later at roughly the same spot, shows an entirely different sort of weather.IMG_1891Looking inland, up river there’s blue sky and a bit of sun showing. Even if this doesn’t happen to be the location of the River and town of Yachats, I love saying the name. Not in its correct Amerindian pronunciation, but the way one might expect it to be said from the ‘ch’ spelling.

Officially pronounced YAH-hots, it is derived from the Chinook Indian word, Yahuts, meaning dark waters at the foot of the mountain. WHY they put the ‘ch’ in there is beyond me.

IMG_1906_2Cape Perpetua with lots of hiking trails, crashing surf and tide pools to explore. Unfortunately my comfy sneakers were still too damp and the spare pair wasn’t a good choice for extended hikes. It also seems my timing wasn’t right to catch the truly impressive crashing waves as the surf is funneled into the narrow inlet to Cape Creek. IMG_1907One of these days I’d like to spend at least a day here instead of the usual drive-by.IMG_1938I think this is still part of Cape Perpetua, but it’s a fascinating spot where the waves rush in and end up seemingly spouting from the rocks like a whale. I bet it’s a lot more exciting during one of our storms. IMG_1995Yet another rocky beach somewhere along the way.


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