Newport and points south

Newport’s bridge is definitely my favorite of all the Oregon bridges… so darned graceful.IMG_1835Crossing Yaquina Bay.IMG_1840South Beach State Park with campsites and yurts available, while hiking trails lead to this sandy beach.IMG_1861Another look at the coast heading south of Newport.IMG_1865A nice bit of cloud cover had me meandering south along the coast and enjoying the perfect weather. I’m not very good at noting actual locations along the way.IMG_1873

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.
― Lao Tzu


37 thoughts on “Newport and points south

    • Our coast is certainly lovely. Some stretches of it are better than others. The same goes for the California coast. I have yet to explore the WA coast. Been meaning to for years now, but somehow never quite get around to it.


    • Looks like you’re doing some catching up. Thank you for the sweet compliments. I simply love that bridge. Could it be the beach is so vast that it makes the people look so tiny?


    • We have quite a few bridges designed by the same engineer, but this one is my favorite for its graceful beauty. Sadly I hear it may be replaced in the future, probably to an all concrete structure which won’t have quite the same visual impact I suspect.


    • Come on out, if you think you can handle rain instead of snow… and the earlier arrival of spring (and so far, I haven’t heard of any named storms out here πŸ˜€ )


    • I am so utterly spoiled with the variety and access to the beaches around here. I keep trying to figure out what I did to deserve living in this wonderland.


  1. You did have a nice day for that stretch of the coast! Sadly, they are beginning to plan the eventual replacement of the Yaquina Bay (Newport) bridge.
    The last 2 photos are of Seal Rock… I only know because I see them every day πŸ™‚


    • I hadn’t heard of the plans to replace the Yaquina Bay bridge. That makes me sad because I doubt that the replacement will be an improvement (visually speaking). I’m not particularly thrilled with Alsea’s replacement – it just doesn’t quite have the same visual impact that the original McCullough design had. But I suppose it’s necessary given the climate that tends to eat away at all things.

      Thanks for the Seal Rock ID… I’m such a flake when it comes to remembering locations once I get home and try to remember where each shot was taken. I think the next stop was Perpetua and points south. The day did turn out better than expected when I first set out. Though I’ve yet to figure out why shots pointing south seem to be hazier than looking north… ?


      • Most of the “weather” comes up out of the south-south west, and it did get cloudy that afternoon.
        I have the same thoughts about the bridge designs, the new Yaquina bridge will likely look more like the Alsea Bay. Traffic safety is a big issue in my eye, the Yaquina bridge is narrow, and there’s a lot of traffic nowadays.
        There’s a peregrine falcon that perches on the Alsea bridge, dive bombing seabirds below. To get photos will require a long walk across the bridge, and likely sitting there for awhile. Maybe when it warms up a bit!


  2. Oh, Lao Tzu…what a wonderful notion…to be a traveler for life…what would that be like? Looks like you’ve had fun exploring, Gunta…beautiful photos again…that is a lovely bridge…and that second photo with the figure on the beach, wow…I like it a lot. Well done. πŸ™‚


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