a different beach

North of the usual haunts. The day was a bit moody…..IMG_1669A much more rocky beach than the one I generally visit.IMG_1670

Signs of volcanic activity from way back in this area… fascinating stuff.  It’s where a sneaker wave managed to get my sneakers thoroughly wet. A lesson to keep a closer eye on the surf (again)!IMG_1679I think some water leaking from the bank above etched this lovely pattern in the sand…IMG_1683The trees bathed their great heads in the waves of the morning, while their roots were planted deep in gloom; save where on the borders of the sunshine broke against their stems, or swept in long streams through their avenues, washing with brighter hue all the leaves over which it flowed; revealing the rich brown of the decayed leaves and fallen pine-cones, and the delicate greens of the long grasses and tiny forests of moss that covered the channel over which it passed in the motionless rivers of light.
― George MacDonaldPhantastes


49 thoughts on “a different beach

    • That’s kind of funny because I almost deleted the pine because it didn’t seem to quite fit with the rest in this series. Thanks for the comment and compliment, though… 😀


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