more signs of spring

I meandered up north the last couple of days. I haven’t sorted through the many number of photos I snapped, but the flowers seemed to be easiest to post for now.IMG_1745

Oregon grape.

IMG_1899A wild AsterIMG_1921Ribes Sanguineum (or red-flowering currant)
IMG_2014I couldn’t believe that the wild rhododendrons are blooming already. IMG_1847The ‘shrooms are popping up. Pity I don’t know enough about them to feel safe picking or eating them. The only ones I do know are Morels. IMG_1831Last, but not least… I got a kick out of this sign. I’m guessing people were thinking the stream was a ‘wishing well’. 😀

45 thoughts on “more signs of spring

    • I’m assuming you meant the darker pink one as your fav. I’ve been told by a friend that it’s a Ribes Sanguineum (or a flowering currant). They all grow wild around here. Things are just barely starting to bloom in my yard, but I should take a walk about for some of my neighboring flowers that are popping up here and there.


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