backing up a bit

IMG_0444_2I could not resist snapping a shot of this beautiful mural I encountered while looking for a place to have lunch in Eureka, California. It didn’t seem to fit with the landscapes I shot during the Big Sur trip so I saved it for a day when nothing else seemed to inspire…


38 thoughts on “backing up a bit

    • Eureka (yes, actually CA) has a number of impressive murals. I wish I had had the time to shoot a few more of them. Though I believe this one was the most beautiful.


    • Isn’t it wonderful? Sadly the sun does a number on these murals eventually, but they are gorgeous while they last. I can’t imagine the talent involved in this sort of thing.


    • It sure is. We seem to be getting more and more of these sorts of murals on businesses and public buildings. If done right, they sure look a lot better than blank walls.


    • You’d think it had to be, but I wish I knew more about the story behind the mural. Eureka is a rather unique and civically active town. It’s near the Redwood parks and is also the same place that had the fancy restored Victorian buildings I featured in a previous post (don’t know if you had joined me by then, or not?)


    • Don’t know if you noticed the “one way” sign, but oddly enough the major traffic is going in a direction where they don’t actually get to see it. I had driven through Eureka quite a number of times without noticing it until this last time when I circled the block looking for a place to eat.


  1. Wonderful, spirited mural. I love the proportions, the largess. I worked briefly with a guy in Santa Cruz who did Trompe L’oiel on everything not in sight, but he was fussier, tighter work, and it would have been life size figures. This is best mural style to my mind. If you want it to look like ordinary people were there then screw it. I like HEROIC proportions. Nice photograph, the van for scale really works.


  2. Eureka was “the big city” for me last summer, every 2 or 3 weeks traveling there to shop and get a dose of civilization. I enjoyed the many wonderful murals downtown, thanks for this refresh of memory.


    • No, all it took was pushing the button on the camera… 😉 Thanks, Chilli! (sometimes I just can’t resist being a bit “cheeky” as Scott Marshall put it! 😀


    • Isn’t it though? I think I was stopped at the traffic light to shoot this. Someday I’ll go back to try to do more of their beautiful murals and the handsome Victorians some justice.


    • Thanks QSP… Eureka has quite a few beautiful murals and their beautifully restored Victorians. Pity I was in a hurry to get home and didn’t take the time to get some more shots.


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