A few days of rain and the lakes are making a comeback…. (so is that forward or backward?)

IMG_0924_2It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the floods appear -though they disappear just as fast.’IMG_0925Sadly, to my utter frustration, the winged visitors are still just as shy as ever. This is close as it seems to get even with the 250mm lens.

Except for the gulls who don’t seem the least bit shy and a pair looking like they’re attempting to blend in with the crowd… not entirely successfully, I might add.

IMG_0942_2Not sure which sort of duck this is except that they actually let me get close enough for one of the better shots I’ve managed so far. (Again with the 250mm – but a couple of clicks will bring them in for a pretty good look.)

IMG_0951_2And the waves continue to roll on in……

For far better examples of this week’s challenge: forward, click HERE…..


46 thoughts on “Forward?

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  2. Love those waves. Hmm, bird photography. I am hopeless at it. You have to be willing to sit in a hide for hours eating paste sandwiches out o f foil. I do not have the patience, or the stamina.


    • I get the impression that there are places (like parks or protected areas) where the birds are quite comfortable with humans being around. It’s when they’re being shot at that they tend to be more cautious and rightly so. One park in Big Sur, the little birds were so tame that they were scurrying across a walkway to the point of nearly being stepped on.


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