approaching spring

It definitely starts to feel like spring when the winter lakes begin to dry up. For those of you who have been following this blog, you’ve seen the huge lakes I’ve shot at this very same spot a few months ago – HERE and HERE.

IMG_0805As the rains decrease, the lakes get ready to transform into pasture for the cows… IMG_0810This heron taking flight is what I normally get when I try to move in for a closer shot. Pretty soon most of the geese and herons and egrets and ducks will have moved on to wetter places for the summer.

dscn4200On the other hand….  this is what it looked like March 13th of last year. I suppose there’s hope for some more rain or even a dusting of snow, but it’s not looking very promising. It feels like it might be a rather dry spring and summer this year.

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming. 
― Pablo Neruda


31 thoughts on “approaching spring

  1. The green fields look very inviting but it would probably be better to still have a little rain in them. We had lots of rain yesterday and it is still cool and cloudy today. I was a little envious of Nina that she got a couple inches of snow in Tucson. It must have been beautiful on the Santa Catalina Mountains. Hope you get some more precipitation before spring arrives.


    • We did get a bit of rain with the last storm and the skies are still threatening more, though I doubt that the fields will flood again. That snow did look so lovely in the Tucson desert.


    • Not quite to the blossom stage here yet, but close. Our climate is very much moderated by the Pacific. Temperate in both directions rarely freezing and rarely above 80 in the summer.


  2. Striking images, I think…a water-bird in the middle of a field…very pretty…and I do enjoy the last winter/water shot, too.

    Seems some of your weather has crept our way again…not 25 inches of snow, but two to five, and one is already on the ground, so I’d gather that you’ve had a bit of rain, as well.

    I would guess that Senor Neruda is probably correct….


    • I thought the same thing about the heron being out in the field, but if you take a closer look at the 2nd shot, there’s still furrows with enough water left to possibly contain some goodies. Yes we had a storm roll through here the last day, or so, but it doesn’t look like it amounted to much. Still cloudy and grey out there, though.


    • I haven’t quite given up yet. We did have a storm roll in yesterday with some rain, but I doubt that it brought back the lakes. It could still happen, though. I love the changeable weather this time of year. Summer gets a bit boring.


  3. What a transformation. I hope we are not in for a drought this year. I complain about the rain but when it is just cold and dry I get uneasy. Perhaps we will get a wet spring. I hate to wish for rain but I rather have that than not.


    • I may have been premature in my prediction. Good ole Oregon weather…. the surf at the jetty was pretty wild and today the dark grey skies seem to be suggesting incoming storms. We shall see…. A repeat of the shot taken last March is still possible.


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